Easy Wall decor DIY projects

Hello, my smart readers!! I am very glad to see you every time here. Today I am going to show you how you can change your bare wall into a well-decorated one. Bare walls looking unhappy and lonely? We’ve got you lined with a bunch of DIY art comes for your walls that are easy and cheap. Most of them don’t need you to be an astonishingly creative artist to create them too, thus those of you who omitted on the artistic genes will still make your walls look awe-inspiring. Get ready to get wily with these 5 simple wall art DIY ideas:

1.   Beaded Garland Wall Art DIY:

Here’s a simple way to refill a large wall. Many people question about procedure thus, I thought I’d share the directions with you. It’s a simple craft project!

Take the cafe curtain rod and paint it in order that it blends in along with your wall color. You’ll prime it 1st if you’re worried concerning the paint projected, but this can be not a heavy-duty piece thus it should be fine without primer. String the garland on the curtain rod, attach the brackets to the wall, and suspend your creation. Easy!

2.   Frame fabric scraps:

I had some fun material or fabric scraps left over from varied projects and determined to “do something” with these “unwanted” items! So, I decided to hang it on my bare wall for a pretty look. You just need to decorate your wall with the help of these Fabric Scraps. Believe me, you will get a glowing wall.

3.   DIY Decorative Wall Shelves:

The days of making dioramas from shoe-boxes are also over, but there are still many great DIY projects you’ll create by re-purposing empty boxes. With a touch bit of paint and paper, dress up your empty walls by turning shoe-boxes into decorative shelves. Excellent for light-weight items, get artistic and show several your favorite items like little vases, found objects, trinkets or frames. Use totally different sized boxes and a range of colorful paper to form your own one-of-a-kind show, customized for your home. Show one shelf or cover up a whole wall. The probabilities are endless when you DIY. Plus, you currently have an excuse to shop for additional shoes.


  • Shoe-box or Photo Box
  • Spray Paint
  • Decorative Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Screwdriver and 2 Screws


  1. Cut your decorative paper to the dimensions of the rear wall of the shoe-box. We’ll be attaching it to the inside of the box to create positive it fits utterly inside.
  2. Paint the inside and out of doors walls of the shoe-box to hide up any logos, it should have.
  3. Once it’s fully dry, attach the box to the wall with a screwdriver and nail. For further strength, screw another nail on the opposite aspect.
  4. Apply glue to the rear side of your paper and fix it to the inside of the box. By attaching the paper once the box is already hanging on the wall, the screws can stay hidden.
  5. Show your favorite (lightweight) decors and you’re set!

4.   String + Spray Paint on Canvas:

From shoe-boxes to mesh to the frame fabric scrap around, we’re forever trying to find the following smart hack decorating our area. Today’s assortment of wall art is part of our DIY Basics series and every piece takes less than ten minutes to form.


  • canvas
  • gold spray paint
  • 3 colors of spray paint
  • string
  • painter’s tape
  • chevron stencil

lace washi tape

We used new canvases for this project however, you may also positively use previous ones that you simply need to cover up.

The first issue to try and do is paint each of your canvas’s gold. If they weren’t blank, to start with, you might have to do two coats. You usually need to paint outside or in a very well-ventilated area.

Spray with different colors as shown in the picture. And take your painter’s tape and begin in one corner of the canvas. Produce a sunburst form just like the one you see and spray paint! Let dry for quarter-hour so peel. With the same steps create these 3 paintings of your own choice for your wall beauty.

5.   DIY Simple Textured Wall Art with String!

This is an easy project, simple enough for teenagers. All you wish is a canvas, string, some style of acid-free glue, (I used Collage Pauge decoupage glue I got at Joann’s) Gesso and paint. Tools: Giant paint brush & scissors.

First, cut the Collage Pauge with a bit water in an exceedingly container to form it drippy enough, therefore, it might get away the string, then wet a couple of yards of string at a time into the Pauge, squished out the excess so added the string to my canvas. Oh yes, it’s sensible to wear some rubber gloves because these things are tough to get off the hands!

Add gesso to it and let it dry.

Look how brighten your wall is.

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