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Escape Pod by Podmakers-The Best Pod

UK-based firm Podmakers has introduced its Escape Pod imagining it as a garden retreat for workers, visitors or anyone in need of a little time out. Escape Pod is a versatile backyard dwelling that has many options to adapt even it include changing orientation to enjoy afternoon sun.

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The Escape Pod is built from birch ply and European however finished in cedar shingles giving it a strong fairytale feel and rustic look. If you are curious about interior of Escape Pod then listen, its interior features a number of configurations including an office space with integrated storage space, a bedroom with a view of the stars through the domed skylight, a studio with a day bed or a meeting space with room for ten.

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However it comes with insulation and heating with different options like underfloor or by way of wood burner, having curved windows that can be placed at the buyer’s discretion. If the owner want to make full use of these windows, the pods must be placed on a platform around half a meter (1.6 ft) off the ground enabling to rotate to maximize the light shining through.

Price of Escape Pod begins at Euro 19800 varying as it depends on the configuration and style options.

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