Fabulous Hijab Fashion Ideas

Hijab Fashion Ideas

In today’s article, we would be looking at some hijab fashion ideas that are sure to look beautiful and elegant on any Muslim woman. It is important to make sure the hijab you choose matches your outfit. In the past, hijab was worn in simple styles but today a lot of women are going with studded and embroidered hijabs. These new designs are very unique and majestic. Here are some hijab fashion ideas that are sure to inspire you.

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Turkish Style Hijjab

This style of hijab is quite popular these days. Turkish women usually go for those hijabs that are tailor-made and usually match with their outfit. These designs are available in printed silky materials or plain ones. There are not usually a lot of layers around the chest area. The ends of the hijab are either knotted at the front to avoid too much volume or left hanging behind the shoulder. This style of hijab can also go with nude colored hijabs and it tends to match any outfit.

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Hijab With Floral Skirt

College or school going ladies can wear hijab with floral pants and sneakers. You can also add some stylish accessories with the hijab to give you a cool look. A skinny leather jean paired with a plain pastel pink top with a bow neck, a pink charm bracelet, and black pumps can be a great hijab fashion idea for a day or an evening wear. This outfit can be complemented with a Turkish or Arabic style so as to reveal the bow neck. This style works great for both formal and casual occasion.


Egyptian Spanish Hijab Style

This style of hijab is very common these days because of the popularity of the camel hump hijab in the Gulf region. This style involves you tying your hair up in a bun or ponytail; this creates a hump at the top of the head.

Laid Back Style

This look is for all the “lazy ladies” out there or those who may be kind of laid back to get dress. This style involves you just wearing your favorite solid colored pieces and you are good to go.


Jumpers and Hijab Style

Jumpers can be said to be a good combination of style and modesty that is needed by every hijabi. You can wear jumpers in every season in every season if you have got the right fabric.


Animal Printed Hijab Style

Ladies who enjoy going to parties or hanging out can wear an animal printed hijab scarf. You can pair this with matching animal printed shoe for a more elegant look.


Misc Popular Hijab Styles



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