easy DIY lamp makeover

Fantastic DIY lamps Plans

Once I went to a market to purchase some items for household use. There I saw many table lamps, I liked them very much. But have no enough money to buy. Then I realize importance of DIY lamps ideas. I read some literature that how can I made a lamp at home. I also take help from internet, searching ideas. I gather many ideas and prepare the list of material required for a DIY homemade lamp project. When I went in market as I told you earlier, I asked the price of lamps that I like very much. But when I prepare it at home, would you believe I saved cost up to 60%. I prepare it with soda bottle, easily available at home. After making many lamps from soda bottle I join them in shape of circle with a rope. Then hang them in my outdoor lawn. O yes it’s my own homemade light source. Where it’s a light source there it is also like a decoration piece. I really like it.

Awesome  DIY lamps plans

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fantastic DIY lamp plans

easy DIY lamp makeover

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