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How to Organize Funeral or Memorial Service for a Cremation

It might be difficult enough as it is to plan a funeral service for a close family member or friend. When you include in the fact that your departed loved one wanted to be cremated, however, things can get far more challenging.

How do you arrange a ceremony that is dignified and pay tribute to those you’ve lost while also honoring the deceased person’s request that they are cremated? You are in luck since there are various memorial ideas for cremation that can assist you in showing the respect that your loved one deserves.

Please refer to the following section for details regarding the correct manner in which to organize an outstanding memorial service following cremation. Make sure that you give serious thought to each of these possibilities.

Spread Them Out Across the Water

It’s possible that the person you loved didn’t want any sort of ceremony at all. After someone has died away, many people wish that their loved ones will not have an expensive memorial service in their honor.

They would prefer that their loved ones cremate them and scatter their ashes in one of the places in the world that they consider to be one of their most special places. One of the most fitting ways to honor their memory after the cremation is to disperse their ashes in the body of water that was most significant to them.

Traditional Rituals and Observances

Without making the preparations for a typical funeral for their loved one who has passed away, some people won’t feel like they have received the closure that they require in order to move on with their lives. They are concerned that the deceased’s loved one’s desire to be cremated will make that impossible.

There is no cause for alarm! The continuation of a standard funeral service in the manner that you choose is one of the most fitting ways to honor someone who was cremated. The fact that the body was cremated does not mean that you are free to hold a wake or funeral in the same manner as you would under normal circumstances.

Planting a Tree

Did the person you loved the place a high priority on preserving natural resources and preserving the earth? Were they a shining star in the lives of all those around them? If this is the case, then having a ceremony during which a tree is planted in memory of the deceased is an excellent choice.

You might choose to find a tree that embodies what your deceased loved one was all about and use that tree as the primary focus of the memorial service, despite the fact that this is an unorthodox choice.

You can plant a tree alongside ashes in a meaningful location (after first obtaining permission to do so, of course).

When the ritual is through, you might want to think about giving the people who attended the ceremony some seeds of the same tree as a parting gift. In this way, they will have the option to remember their loved ones as the tree grows by planting a specimen that is identical to the one that was lost on their land.

Sky Lantern Send-Off

It’s possible that you’re only looking for a simple memorial service idea that would assist you in saying goodbye to a loved one in a grand fashion. If this is the case, then there is nothing that can top the experience of sending them off with a sky lantern ceremony.

You could get some pieces of paper and a sky lantern for each person who intends to attend the event. Sky lanterns are available for purchase.

Everyone will have the opportunity to write a heartfelt message to a deceased family member or friend and include it in a sky lantern along with a small portion of their ashes. At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone will have the opportunity to light their candles and let the lantern float out into the night sky.

Distribute the Ashes Around Their property

It is only fitting that you scatter the remains of your loved one across the land that they so dearly loved, especially if the land held a special place in their heart. Therefore, from this point forward, people will be able to take pleasure in the tranquility and calm that their land has to offer.

The ceremony can be as straightforward or involved as you would like it to be. You might have a modest one on the land, complete with your loved one’s favorite tunes playing in the background.

You may also think of throwing a lunch in the style of a buffet, inviting everyone to contribute a dish that is their loved one’s all-time favorite and cooking it up for them one final time. After the ritual is over, you are free to scatter the ashes of the deceased among the plants, trees, and grass.

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