How to build wood beehive

Hello, My dear readers!! I hope you will be alright. I am very glad to see you every time here in my diary. Today I will show you how to build a wood beehive. I think 90% of people like me love taking natural products, for which they wish to do something interested. I myself have continually loved fresh honey and there are numerous things that you simply will do with it from creating delicious recipes to making your own health and beauty product. You could also sell it for a little fortune if you’ve got enough. I have found the simplest DIY Wood beehive that you can integrate less than a weekend. You’ll be able to add this to your yard and begin producing your own all-natural honey! So, let’s achieve our target.

Quick and Easy DIY Wood Beehive:

The DIY Wood beehive may be a bit smaller than a conventional wood hive, which suggests that it uses less energy and resources to provide than ancient hives. The value for this one is about $50 approximately per beehive, that is cheap compared to purchasing a wood hive. Of course, the price can rely upon the sort of wood that you just use, however, it’s still less expensive than several other alternatives. And, you’ll be able to build this one in about 2 hours approximately. So, let’s move towards building procedure.


  • Wood
  • Nails or screws
  • Tape measure
  • Hand saw and pencil
  • Hammer
  • Combination square or pitch square
  • Hand Plane
  • Utility knife or cutter
  • Levels
  • Additional tools and glue


Here could be a fast way to measure and cut wood employing a measurement tape, a hand saw, and a pencil.

Draw a mark with your pencil where you would like to cut the board. Make sure to put a mark at every fringe of the board. Take your carpenter’s saw and set the handle at the bottom of the board, as in the image below.

While holding the saw with one hand, use your pencil to draw a line down the board on the spine of your saw as in the image below.

You can now cut the board.



To build the Wood Hive Quilt, you’ll have to cut the subsequent wood pieces:

First, take 2 short sides measuring 30cm long by 10cm wide (11 13/16″ long by 3 15/16″ wide). the sting breadth of the board is up to you. A decent size is anywhere between 20mm to 25mm (3/4″ to 1″) wide.

Then take 2 long quilt sides measuring 34cm long by 10cm wide (13 3/8″ long by 3 15/16″ wide).

Finally, take 1 piece of material measuring concerning 40cm by 40cm (15 3/4″ by 15 3/4″).


Take the items of wood and assemble them into a box. As you’ll be able to see within the image below, the longer sides go on the outside of the shorter sides of the wood. As you build the box, check the inner measurements each thus typically. They ought to be 30cm by 30cm (11 13/16″ by 11 13/16″).

STEP 3: ATTACH the fabric:

Take the box you in-built Step two and lay it on a flat surface. Lay the fabric over the box, as shown in the image below.

Use your staple gun to staple the fabric to the box. You can conjointly use a hammer and tiny brads. It works best to place a pair of staples in one aspect to hold the fabric to a grip, and then stretch the fabric to the alternative aspect and staple it.

Trim any loose ends of the fabric and fold the additional quantity of material over the perimeters and down the sides of the box. Fold the extra amount of cloth over each other and staple the edges to fix the cloth at each of the corners.

Making a Hive floor:


For creating a hive floor, you need to take 2-floor halves measuring 33.5cm long by 16.75cm wide (13 3/16″ long by 6 5/8″ wide)

Then you have to take 2 short pieces of wood measuring 21cm long by 3cm wide (8 1/4″ long by 1 3/16″ wide)

STEP NO 2: Start the cutting:

Now use all of the measurements you took in the first step. Then outline the entrance of the hive. Start measuring all of the edges with the help of a measurement meter. Then use a square to the line in a rectangular shape as shown below.

Now cut the highlighted area with the help of your hand saw. If you have any confusion see the picture below for the easiness.

Now you need to take a chisel and remove the extra wood in between the two cuts. Your Hive floor is ready. That’s sweet!!

STEP NO 3: Attach the floor:

Take both of the floor halves and let them attach to each other for making a floor for Beehives.

Now you need to center each piece on the seam formed by the edges of the two larger boards. Then fasten the wood together with the help of a hammer.

Now it’s time to feature the landing board. Rotate the mounting assembly ninety degrees and lay the 41cm by 16cm (16 1/8″ by six 5/16″) board on the ground. Measure from one fringe of the ground and mark a line at the middle of the floor. The mark should be created at sixteen.75cm (6 5/8″). Now, mark the middle of the landing board. Align the 2 boards as shown below.

Now it’s time to fasten all pieces of the wood together. Here is a picture of the landing board fully fastened.

STEP NO 4: Attach the legs.

Now you must use the remaining wood pieces for creating the legs. Cut all of the pieces in the same measurement. Legs measuring 10cm tall by at least 4cm wide (3 15/16″ tall by at least 1 9/16″ wide) 2×4’s cut to 3 15/16″ tall make good legs. Same use for the thickness of the legs as shown down.

Then attach one by one leg with each other as shown down.

Finish all legs in the same manner.

Now attach the legs under the floor and fasten it with the help of a hammer.

This is the downside review of the floor you can see in the picture below.

Prepare the hive box:


To build a Wood beehive box we are going to cut the subsequent wood pieces:

First, we will take 2 long sides activity 34cm long by a pair of 1cm wide (13 3/8″ long by eight 1/4″ wide).

Then, 2 short sides activity 30cm long by a pair of1cm wide (11 13/16″ long by eight 1/4″ wide).

Finally, 8 top bars activity 32cm long by a pair of.4cm wide by 1cm thick (12 5/8″ long by 15/16″ wide by 3/8″ thick).

You should currently have a board with a slot delve it, as shown within the image below.

You’ll get a slot cut in the board.

Now take the board and stand it in the upright position.

Makes a slight cut into the long side of the board. Then repeat the process 3 times.

Then build the box by attaching all the pieces of the wood as shown down.

Final step: making a roof:

For creating a hive roof, you need to cut the following wood pieces in the same measurement.

Finally, attach the pieces with the help of screws and hammer as I have shown the method above. Your hive is ready to install.

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