How to Have a Perfect Lawn

In this article, I am going to talk about some tips that will help you to take your lawn to the next level so it is perfect. So here are a few tips on how to get your lawn looking nice and beautiful.

Mulching Your Lawn

So what is mulching your lawn you may ask? Well, mulching your lawn is recycling clippings straight back into your lawn instead of picking them up with the bag or whatever you want to call it. So the reason we do that is to actually promote extra growth throughout the growing season. So recycling your clippings actually puts back 25% back of your fertilizer needs into your lawn so you save 25% of fertilizers during the year if you’re actually recycling your clippings back into the lawn and it also helps those soil microorganisms to feed off those clippings as well and it doesn’t create thatch like a lot of people think it does. If anything it just makes your lawn a lot healthier makes it look nice and green.

mluching your lawn

Renovate Your Lawn at Least Once a Year

So the reason we want to do this is just to create a nice thick healthy lawn and you’ll find that if you do that once a year your lawn is going to be looking like magic especially after renovation. It looks pretty dodgy for the first three or four weeks after your renovation but once you’ve done it you’ll find that your lawn will just reap benefits from doing that. So make sure that at least once a year you give it a renovation, if you can’t do it once you do it once every two years because it makes a huge difference as it really helps those roots to shoot down a bit lower because you’re actually letting some air flow get down in that root zone.

diy lawn care

Mow Taller

Grow your grass a little bit longer like three to four inches if you can and the reason we want to do this is it actually stops weeds from germinating because it actually covers over the soil beneath and stops those weeds getting in sunlight and actually stops them from germinating. Now if your lawn is not thick enough obviously you’re not going to get weeds stopping from germinating but if you have a nice thick lawn and it’s longer it gives you more chance against those weeds. Also if your lawn is a bit longer as well it gives the grass a longer surface area to actually photosynthesize from the sun so it’s going to promote more growth and you’re going to have a healthier lawn that is more disease-resistant, frost resistant and also more resistant to heat as well.

mom tallering lawn

Wetting Agents

Wetting agents are going to stop your soil from being hydrophobic; sometimes especially in the summer you’ll find that your soil actually stops water from getting down into the soil it just sort of sits on top or runs off if it is on a slope. So wetting agents basically stops that problem; so they stop your soil from being hydrophobic and actually lay out the water to penetrate the soil surface and get those roots some water. So basically wetting agent is sort of like a dishwashing liquid and it sort of sits down in the soil and allows it to be soaked up and sort of lets it just to sit there for a little bit longer. It allows your grass to be a bit healthier so if you are in a drought sort of a situation in the middle of summer and you can’t water your lawn too often use a wetting agent because you are going to save on water.

how to water your lawn

Hopefully, these few tips will help to give you the greenest lawn that would make your neighbors jealous.

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