RFID wallet DIY

How To Protect Your Identity by Using RFID Wallet (DIY)

RFID wallet DIY

Everything in the world has some pros and cons. We can’t say that this specific product doesn’t have any side effects or cons. Same is the case with technology gadgets. These gadgets and technology make our life easy by providing us different facilities and making things easy. RFID is such a great thing which saves a lot of time for the consumers and also save a lot of money in different cases. Radio Frequency Identifier is used at roads toll to detect the RFID chip installed in a coming vehicle and charges the toll tax without needing to stop that vehicle. This technology is also used in passports where an electronic chip is installed on the passport and an RFID scanner can read all the data from that chip in seconds.

When these gadgets go into wrong hands, people can misuse this. Just like you can save your time on an airport as they read your details by scanning your card in few seconds, the same time a person sitting next to you on airport can read your data and then he/she can misuse your details.

RFID scanners are easily available in the market and online stores. Anyone can buy the RFID scanner and then can read the tags stored in RFID chip on a passport or credit card. If a bad guy read your details by bringing the scan near your pocket or wallet, he can easily read all your details and then can pass your details to other criminals to misuse your name and other information. Or they can also create a duplicate fake passport with your name and picture which can be dangerous for you.

Understanding RFID skimming: it’s time block your personal data breach. The best way to protect your identity is to buy an RFID blocking wallet. These wallets are just like any other traditional wallet which you already have. The simple difference is that these RFID wallets are made up of a special fabric which has properties that don’t allow the scanner to read the tags on RFID chip. The material of the wallet blocks the electromagnetic field and isolate your passport or credit card from the scanner. As long as your credit card or passport is in your RFID blocking wallet, no one can read your details.

If you don’t want to spend money on these special RFID wallets, you can create your own RFID blocking wallets. You can do it yourself (DIY) by just keeping an aluminium bar in your wallet and that bar will block the scanner and it won’t be able to read your data. This method will work in many cases, but this is not 100% foolproof. Still, the best way is to get your RFID Blocking Wallet.

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