Hurghada travel guide

Hurghada Things To Do – Attractions & Must See Places

Hurghada travel guide

El Gouna Excursions is a very famous place to visit during any vacations. This beautiful place is present at the Red Sea and there are many beautiful sites that people can explore in their Hurghada excursions.

Following are the attractions which Hurghada offers are must visit if planning on visiting the Hurghada.

1. Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina

This is most happening spot in the town. After the tiring adventure in Hurghada tourist always look for a place where they can sit and enjoy the dining. This is a mix of both Egypt and western culture. Hurghada Marina is present at the center of the district named as Sigala.

Most tourists visit this place to absorb the sunset while dining the lavish food Hurghada Marina has to offer. There are many different cafés and restaurant present in the area. Different category of cuisine and flavor can be found in the center of the town.

The luxury dining area is filled with the yachts. The food is served on the yachts while the Red Sea is amazing everyone under the sparkling moonlight.

2. The Desert Expedition


Many people think that Hurghada is all about the Red Sea and underwater diving. But the actual action lies in the desert. The desert is one of the most beautiful deserts known as the Sahara Desert.

Hurghada as a lot to offer to the tourist on desert trips. Quad biking, dune buggying, and jeep expeditions. There are so many beautiful valleys present in this area. These valleys are surrounded by the Acacia trees and red mountains.  The mountains are mostly present on the east side of the desert.

3. Camel Riding

The Desert Expedition

Camel riding is very common in the Hurghada all the resort offers it. If the person is staying in resort he will be offered a camel to the beach. Those tourists which are visiting the Bedouin village are offered camel as well.

This trip is amazing as it takes people back in the times when camels and horses were the only sources of traveling. A camel provides the best view from the seat. All the tourist are camels are guided by the expert camel-men.

This calms the nerves of people who are riding the camel for the first time. The idea of camel riding is all about sitting back and enjoying the magnificent views.

4. Hurghada Nights

Hurghada Nights

Normally night in such area are full of shows and different kind of activities but Hurghada nights are different. The nights are amazing and leave people speechless. The desert sky is full of stars and people are amazed by the calm sky.

Tourist often describes the nights as the nights of dreams. The telescopes are provided to the tourist where they can see the stars up close.  The sky is very clear in this side of the region. These nights are very rare and can only be found here in Hurghada.

Above-mentioned are the attraction which are must visit when visiting Hurghada.

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