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Important Tips For Servery Windows Installation in Sydney

Suddenly, the craze for servery windows has seen a spike, especially in Sydney. So we decided to welcome all the newcomers to the land of servery windows installation in Sydney and help them out with their first purchases.

This article will be your guide to how you can get the perfect servery window installed like done by experts such as Gas Strut Windows. Opening the doors now!

What Is a Servery Window?

As the name suggests, Servery Windows are simply windows that open out. They are used to SERVE people, which means food and beverages can be easily given out to the party directly from the kitchen without you having to travel all the way out. They connect the inside to the outside world. A great choice, built for convenience and style.

Things to Consider Before Installation


Depending upon your requirements and the area where you wish to install the window, the size of the servery window would vary. For example, bigger kitchens that open to entertainment areas need bigger windows with probably a slab to keep the items. Don’t make the window too small or big.

Style and Setting

Different locations need different styles of windows. We have listed some great options below, so do read until the end. You have to pick the window that is functional in the best way possible and matches the existing environment and colors where the window will be installed. It should not look odd, rather a great addition.

The chances of dust, water, or insects getting in would also vary depending on your locality, so make sure the windows are tightly sealed. The material you select for the window would matter a lot too. Check out different styles, and then pick the one that goes well.


If the setting is somewhere sunny, you need some shade to keep the beverages as cool as possible. The utensils would heat up too in warm weather. So, make sure to get appropriate shade options. The shelter is important. If your region faces rains, you would also need shelter for monsoon parties.


While you need shelter, you also need proper lighting to work around, especially during the nighttime. The items served through the window should be visible to the receiver. So make sure that there is enough light to complete this task. Even small lights would do the job, which can be mounted on the top of the window or on the shed.

Seating Arrangement

Make sure that if you install a servery window with a bar or buffet extension, you need to arrange for seats accordingly. These chairs would also have to go with the window and the overall aesthetic. This seating arrangement can also be made inside for whosoever is serving. Imagination is the stopping point here.

Types of Servery Windows

There are various servery windows, and we are listing some of the best and most popular ones that you can surely check out. They are not only functional but look great as well.

  •         Gas Strut Windows.
  •         Bifold Windows.
  •         Stacking Windows.
  •         Sliding Windows.
  •         Double Hung Windows.


Servery windows are getting more attention than ever, and installing them isn’t as difficult. Still, you need to ensure that the window compliments the look rather than hindering it. So consider our list before making any purchase. All the best!

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