Kids Whiteboard DIY Tutorial

Having a whiteboard at home is great fun for kids of all ages. This is very supportive tool for studies and to promote creativity in them.  Don’t have a  whiteboard at home ?Well! There is easy DIY tutorial  to build your own  whiteboard at home.

Supplies                                                                                              Quantity

1-White chart     (3 Feet x 2 Feet)                                                                 1

2-Cellulose sheet or OHP Sheet     (3 Feet x 2 Feet)                                 1

3-Wooden beading (¾”x½”)          (3 Feet long)                                       2

3-Wooden beading (¾”x½”)          (2 Feet long)                                       2

4-Board ¼” thick                                (3 Feet x 2 Feet)                                1

5- Steel Nails to join board and wooden beading     (1 “long)                 15

6- Steel Nails to install in wall                                       (1 “long)                 6

7 –White crafts Glue


Hammer, Utility Cutter

How to make

1-Paste white chart on board using glue and allow it to dry.

2-Place Cellulose sheet on top of  white  chart  and join it using glue.

3-Place wooden beading on edges of cellulose sheet and Drive nails one by one @ 12” each side.

4-your white board is ready, hang it on wall at suitable height using steel nails and some hanging fittings.

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