Lakeside Cabin is Well-Suited for Get-Together in all Seasons

Atelier Schwimmer design and architecture has recently designed a country home called Lakeside Cabin to be constructed near Quebec City, Canada. This home is owned by two brothers who have a nature-loving life style. The home offers an amazing front view and attractive landscape.

The living area of the home comprises a climbing rope hanging from ceiling which generate an opportunity of a nice physical activity and a photogenic outside view.

The two storied home measuring 297 sq m (3200 sq ft) keeps three separate entrances. The ground floor is constructed around a central fireplace which offers a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and a court with triple height. Additionally, it includes a special mud room also.

First floor is accessible through a stair which includes a family lounge area, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room.

The house comprises charming exterior in which the architect has nicely utilized specially preserved local larch wood. A unique cantilevering provides shades to maintain outer temperature in summer for outdoor sitting. The internal finish is done in concrete and wood which offers wide panoramic views of nearby located lake through glazed windows.

The cabin has a high level of air tightness and keeps excellent insulation to maintain internal temperature especially in winter when the local temperatures drops as low as – 40 °F (-22 40 °C).Through this principle the owner may get steady temperature without consuming energy to keep the cabin cool or warm.

The Lakeside Cabin looks like a perfect place to hang with friends which is possible through a climbing rope in the living room. It is more welcoming for friends and well-equipped to entertain guests even in worse weather conditions in winter.


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