Top Tips For Making Your Garden Look and Feel Fabulous

No matter how small or large your garden is, you want to make the most of this space. To ensure that you can do this, you need to start putting together an action plan.

Mixing things up a little and making subtle yet noticeable changes can make a big difference to how your garden feels. To make your garden look and feel fabulous, you do not need to have a large budget, but you will need to have creativity and a vision.

Fill Spaces With Color and Texture

To get things off on the right track, you should think about filling spaces with color and texture. Garden structures, decking, and landscaping are essential, but so too is planting. When you add a variety of colors and textures to them and to your planting, you can break up a space.

Gardens that are too plain or bland in color can be Ok to look at, but are they a reflection of you?

Are they making a statement, or are they just conforming? Texture in any garden is important, and this can be found through the furniture you add or through the finishing touches such as soft furnishings, sculptures, and artwork.

Create Entertaining Spaces

No matter the shape or size of your garden, you still have the space to create somewhere to entertain. From tables and chairs to little snug benches, you can incorporate anything into your space if you want to. Entertaining spaces give you somewhere to sit and enjoy every bit of your garden. If they are covered, they can also be enjoyed all year round.

Add Some Feature Landscaping or Paving

Your garden area may be mostly gravel, or it may be laid out as a lawn. Breaking up what you already have and adding paving or new landscaping solutions can help you breathe fresh air into any space. At Arbour Landscape Solutions, you can get ideas and inspiration about what type of paving and landscaping you can add to your space.

Choosing the right paver or slab for your garden matters, and it can affect the feel, so think about what you want before you go ahead with the installation.

Look At Adding a Water Feature

Any type of water feature can be calming, and it can give another area of focus to your newly created garden. From bird baths to feature fountains, you can purchase traditional water features, or you can make your own out of recycled elements.

When you are creating a water feature, think about where your water feed will be, and think about maintenance, too, as all water features will need to be regularly cleaned.

Don’t Be Afraid to Combine Plants

If you prefer a certain style of a plant (or type of plant) it can be hard to mix things up. You know your preferences, and you want to stick to them. However, if you push yourself a little and mix and match perennials and annuals, you will find that your garden has so much more depth.

Combining plants will give you color all year round, and it will give you the variation your garden needs too. If you stick to very similar-looking plants, you may find that your garden ends up looking a little uniform and bland

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