DIY book case ideas

Making shelves at home-DIY Ideas

If you are interested in making shelves at home, here are some brilliant and easy ideas that would brighten up your home and make added storage a fun! DIY shelves are a huge relief in today’s time, as we all struggle with less storage space and more things to manage with. So, let’s check them out!

  1. Modular book racks: Every room is different and with that choice for bookshelves would vary too. Building a bookcase requires just some wood and oak. The best thing is you can come up with various designs and sizes while making shelves at home.DIY book case ideas
  2. Corner shelves: Unused corners can be great if put to best use. Just find some wooden planks and fit them in the wall corner. They are multipurpose in nature and give the place a fresh corner shelves ideas
  3. Vertical shelf: While making shelves at home, one can get as creative as possible. Multiple planks can be used to make stylish racks and decorated with collectibles and artworks.DIY vertical shelves designs
  4. Floating wall shelf: Give your walls a clean and fresh appearance with floating wall-shelves. You can use the inside space and upper surface as well. Books, vases, indoor plants all seem to be placed beautifully on these floating wall plans
  5. Open shelves: For those who are first-timers at making shelves at home, crafting open shelves could be pretty gratifying! They are contemporary, subtle and chic. They give a new freedom to storage and are easy to make as well.making storage shelves

6-Shoe-case: Let’s admit we all need it! Highly convenient and simple, they are great to use. When making shelves at home, give them a try. Throw some colors and decorate with small plants on it.

DIY wooden shoe rack

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