Marshalltown Bricklaying and Masonry Tools

In 1890, the Williams brothers started a small machine shop in Lowa where they used to repair bicycles and automobiles. A builder needs some tools, and he asked the Williams brothers if they could customize some tools, they fulfilled the builder’s demand, and he was satisfied.

After that day, the hard work started paying off, and orders for making trowels started coming in. The two brothers made loads of trowels and launched them in the market.

They increased the hard work and started focusing more on making great construction tools. The success story of the Williams brothers began to spread, and they start receiving orders from other states.

A small shop of few square feet turns into a manufacturing house. The Williams brothers get to know that their work is amazing, and they moved to south 8th avenue in 1902 for more space.

They merge blacksmith and automobile into a one double-story machine shop. They started specializing in trowels and hired a salesman ‘Albert Higgin.’

Albert Higgin worked hard and increased the overall growth of the business. In 1905, the Williams brothers and Albert Higgin changed “Marshalltown Trowel Works” to “Marshalltown Trowel Company.”

Today in 2003, Marshalltown Trowel changed its name. Initially, the company was known as a trowel supplier. Today Marshalltown offers more than 7000 products for contractors. The company now provides all kinds of products related to asphalt, brick, drywall, wallpaper, tile, stucco, EIFS, flooring, paint, and plaster.

The small machine shop Williams brothers started in 1890 is now known by one name-Marshalltown. Today, if you’ll talk about the best tool manufacturers, ‘Marshalltown’ would be on the top of the list. The reason for the company’s success is that it still adheres to its old principles.

Staying true to the old principles doesn’t mean that the ‘Marshalltown’ hasn’t changed. The infrastructure, manufacturing, and distribution process are advanced now. ‘Marshalltown,’ keeping with pace to make sure it will continue to serve its clients in the best possible way.

Let’s read more about the best building products provided by Marshalltown. The tools that we listed down here are rated by trade and construction tools.

Philadelphia Brick Trowel with DuraSoft Handle by Marshalltown:

One of the best construction tools introduced by Marshalltown is Philadelphia Brick Trowel. This tool is very famous among the top builders. The soft handle of the tool provides comfort and reduces fatigue.

The product is also available on Amazon at reasonable prices.


The high-quality brick jointer manufactured by Marshalltown is made up of premium carbon steel and provides strength and durability. This brick jointer is manufactured in the USA with great material.

You can find Marshalltown Brick Jointer on Amazon at fare prices.

Marshalltown 89 Brick Joint Raker:

Marshalltown brick joint raker is a lightweight tool. Its weight is just 0.26 Pounds. The handle of the machine is made up of aluminium and very comfortable and easy to use.

With the help of this tool, one can easily remove the mortar between bricks by simply dragging the tool over brickwork.

You can buy a brick joint raker made by Marshalltown on Amazon.

You can see more info about Marshalltown on rated by trade.

Marshalltown Brick Tongs:

Brick tongs is a great tool used to carry the bricks. You can easily carry six to ten bricks in one go. The weight of the tool is just 1.644kg.

Marshalltown Small Nylon Tool Bag:

Marshalltown nylon tool bag made up of double layer and high in quality. They used durable water-resistant nylon material to enhance the quality of the bag.

You will find one outside pocket and two outside Web pockets on the bag. You can put different tools in the pockets in order to make your work easier.


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