New Year Celebration in Pictures

New year Celebration in New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of those countries where new year is celebrate at first. Below is picture of fireworks for new year celebration in Auckland city of New Zealand at Sky Tower.

new year celebration

2-New Year Celebration in Hong Kong

new year celebration in different countries

3- New Year Celebration in Dubai (UAE)

New year was welcomed by lighting at Burj Khalifa

new year celebration in dubai

4- New Year celebration in Taiwan

New year was celebrated at Tai P 101 tower, have a look at fireworks at the tower.

happy new year 2018

5-Indonesia New Year Celebration

Fireworks at Jakarta Indonesia for new year celebration

new year celebration

6-New Year ceremony in Beijing China

new year clebration in china

7- New year Fireworks at Sydney

new year celebration

8-New Year celebration at Kualalampur

9-New Year celebration in Instumbol Turkey

Thousands of people gathered on the road for new year celebration

new year celebration in turkey

10-New year celebration in Singapore

happy 2018

11- New year celebration in New York at Time Square

new year celebration in USA

12- New Year Celebration in Seol North Korea

happy new year


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