Pallet coffee tables.

Pallet coffee tables.

We can make different designs of pallet coffee tables using two or more pallets. The designs are easy to make. They require less materials but the outcome had quality and class. These table are mostly used in out-door environment.

Patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


Tiered coffee table.

The upper surface of the Tiered coffee table consists of glass.  Two small pallets are normally used. You don’t have to paint this coffee table provided you have applied vanish on it.


Union jack.

Something unique about this design of coffee tables made from pallets is that the top surface is painted a flag of a given country. This shows love and unity. You also have some buckets under this table for storage reasons.


Coffee table with metallic stands.

This pallet coffee table is supported by metallic stands. One pallet is enough to come up with this coffee table. The supports are made of stainless steel. You can place a stainless steel metal on the top surface of the table.  Both outdoor and indoor situations can be served by this design of coffee tables.



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