Timber Decking Boards

How Do You Choose the Perfect Timber Decking Boards?

Wooden flooring is beautiful, to say the least. However, it needs to be done right and should match your environment and the house. A great decking job could last about 15 years, and you should not settle for anything less.

Experts like Quality Discount Timber Melbourne say that to ensure you have the best timber decking boards, choosing the correct timber is important. Here’s how you can select the best timber for your decking boards.

What is a Decking Board?

Decking boards are wooden floors; they are not stylized artificial wood but actual wooden planks used in the building.

What is a Timber?

Timber is the type of wood that is used in the deck. There are various options available out there. You would have to choose the timber that matches the installation location in terms of looks and qualities, such as heat absorption.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Decking


You must determine the usage of the wood. How much weight is going to be on it? How much movement will it tackle on a daily basis? Will it be installed outside or inside the house? Will it be covered or exposed to direct sunlight? What kind of items would be placed on it? Questions like this need to be answered, and you will be done with your first step of making the right choice.


Wood is a weather-sensitive material, and not all kinds of timber can last in any environment. Some get damaged with an excess of rain and some with sunlight. So you have to know the weather you are situated in to find the timber that can well adapt there.


Some types of woods are sensitive to moisture, and with a high tannin level, they are likely to get stained sooner. It can be cleaned off with a proper mixture of solutions, but you should rather go for low-level tannin wood.


Checking the price and forming a budget are important. Choose the wood/timber that fits your budget. However, don’t stoop so low with prices that quality is neglected. Check all the boxes and then conclude with the pricing.


You need decking that is not only useful but attractive to look at. It should not just look good but match the surrounding it is placed in. Don’t follow the trend but see which timber actually goes with your house.


This does not go for all, but anyone who lives near a fire-prone area or in the outskirts of the city should consider getting a hardwood that has resistance to fire and heat.

What Options Are Available?

Softwood Decking Options

These are popular since they are mostly cheaper and easily installable. In addition, they resist weathering, rotting, and termites.

Hardwood Decking Options

Finest in the game for decking. Great resistance towards pests, fungi, and rot. Lasts longer and has amazing color options. However, do note that it is pricier than softwood.

Composite Decking Options

Made from recycled material, making it the most environmentally friendly option. They can be bought in a much larger quantity than softwood or hardwood. However, you need to be careful while picking the right composite deck to ensure that the quality is still solid.


With such variety in each option, there is no doubt that you would find the ideal decking timber soon enough. The only thing you need to make sure of is to check your requirements and, based on that, make a purchase.

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