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How to Protect Carpet From Stains and Natural Cleaning Methods

Carpets are designed to collect debris, such as dirt, dust, and other particles that are tracked inside people’s shoes. Because of this, they are prone to becoming a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and dust mites, in addition to stains. In order to maintain them clean and smelling fresh without resorting to harsh chemicals, here are some expert methods.

The following are the recommended procedures for keeping carpets clean from getting any stains.

Carpet Cleaning Guide

1. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

Shoes bring pesticides, pollutants, and dirt indoors, where they are then tracked onto carpets and deposited there. If members of your family feel uncomfortable being barefoot, you can recommend that they wear house shoes (shoes that aren’t meant to be worn outside), slippers, or socks instead.

2. Vacuum Twice a Week

Regular use of a vacuum cleaner can help lower the number of dust mites in a home, which can help prevent asthma and allergy symptoms. It also involves removing surface debris from carpets before it has a chance to become embedded in the fibers of the carpet.

The most effective vacuum cleaner is one that has powerful suction, rotating brushes, and a HEPA filter (so that the dirt and dust won’t be pushed back out in the exhaust). To ensure that you have not missed anything, go back and forth over the same area multiple times, especially in places where there is a lot of foot traffic.

3. Clean up any Spills as Soon as Possible

To absorb any liquid that has spilled, cover the area with clean towels that are white or another light color. Remove sticky items from carpets using a spoon or spatula to scrape them off. Do not rub the spill because this will cause the carpet fibers to become damaged and will cause the stain to spread.

4. Use Only Water in the Steam Cleaning Process

It is not worth your time to get the detergent. Simply fill the machine with water and operate it in accordance with the instructions. Even without detergent, the hot water will remove a significant portion of the grime that has accumulated.

Use a mixture of one cup of white vinegar and two and a half liters of water as an alternative. This is an efficient method for getting rid of shampoo residues that were left over from previous cleaning attempts.

5. Ventilation During, and After the Carpet Cleaning Process

Use fans and keep the windows open to hasten the drying process while preventing the growth of mold. Carpet cleaning should be avoided on days that are humid or moist.

How to Treat Carpet Stains Naturally?

Even if after the above precautions your carpet got stains, then you should try the following methods to treat carpet stains naturally without destroying your carpet’s fabric. Alternatively, you can get carpet cleaning services in Queens as professional services can clean the carpet without using any harsh chemicals.

1. To begin, Give Plain Soap and Water a Try

A mixture of one cup of warm water and one-half teaspoon of mild liquid soap, such as dishwashing liquid or fine fabric detergent, can be used to remove stains. A very small amount should be applied, and then the carpet should be lifted after being blotted with a clean white towel.

After that, carry on with the technique until the blemish has been eradicated. Don’t scrub. Be patient. After the stain has been eliminated, the affected area should be wiped down with a fresh clean towel and then rinsed with a solution consisting of a few tablespoons of white vinegar and one cup of water.

2. If that Doesn’t Work, Try Household Items

For instance, club soda can be used to remove stains left behind by red wine, while an ice cube can be used to solidify gum and candle wax, after which they can be scraped away. You might also try sprinkling baking soda, cornstarch, or cornmeal over the grease marks. After allowing it to sit for six hours or overnight, vacuum it.

3ؒ. Lastly Try Rubbing With Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide

Because either product has the potential to brighten or bleach the carpet, you should conduct a test first on a discrete area of the carpet. First dab a little amount of the solution onto the stain, and then blot the area with a fresh, white towel. Continue doing so until there is no trace of the stain.

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