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How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Belt Yourself? DIY Tips

The belt of the vacuum might be stuck due to any particular object that should not be entered into the cleaner. Or it is also possible that the vacuum belt is broken and now you need to replace it with a new vacuum belt.

In any case, you can replace or fix the vacuum belt yourself and you don’t need to go for any repairing service. It is very easy to fix the vacuum belt and here I will guide you on how to DIY vacuum belt fixing.

Replace Vacuum Belt Yourself

Follow these simple steps to replace or repair a vacuum belt:

Unplug The Vacuum: It is very important to unplug the vacuum. Just switching off the vacuum cleaner is not enough as you can accidentally touch the turn on the button while working on belt replacement. If it happens, you might get injured. So make sure that the vacuum is completely unplugged.

Locate The Vacuum Belt: Now keep your vacuum in a way that you can see the bottom side of it. Most vacuum cleaners have a belt on the bottom side. If you can’t find it, then note your model and ask the company or search on the internet to know where you can find the belt.

Remove The Plate: Now you can see a plate that partially covers the vacuum belt. You need to remove the screws and then remove the plate that is covering the vacuum belt. If you see that there is something that is not allowing you to move the belt, then remove the belt and also clean that area. Fix the belt again and install the plate back on it. If you find it is broken, then proceed to the next steps.

Buy a New Vacuum Belt: You need to note down the model number of your vacuum and order the vacuum belt online, or you can take your old belt with you to a hardware store and buy a new one by showing the old belt to the shopkeeper.

Install New Belt: Now you must clean any debris or dust from the roller and should also look for any hairs or rubber bands around the roller. Clean it and then your new vacuum belt around the spindle. Now insert this roller back to the clip that keeps the roller attached to the vacuum. Fix the plate again and your vacuum cleaner is ready to work again.

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