Rinspeed all electric mobility pod

Rinspeed’s all electric mobility pod Snap will show at CES 2018

The Swiss automaker Rinspeed has disclosed more details about its latest concepts which is to be revealed at CES in next month. Explaining more about its two-part electric vehicle designed to be recycled and upgraded to keep pace with upcoming automotive technologies.

The basic concept is not actually new as we already learnt about Rinspeed’s Snap back in October. Its name has been taken from various components of the vehicle to snap into place. Primarily the pod is built to carry passengers while the skateboard equipped with the mechanics to carry that pod.

Rinspeed all electric mobility pod

Rinspeed’s imagining that Snap’s detachable pod can be replaced when needed while it can be used as a camping pod if not carrying passengers. As well it can be used as shopping space, “cozy cuddling pod” or as less romantic types of micro-dwellings.

Talking about inside’ there is soft leather seating, storage space, wireless charging systems and a host of screens for displaying movies along with messages and route information. It’s also an intelligent assistant that observes the passengers habbits and even can recommend user-specific restaurants. While the exterior, six projectors display the window with messages for other people on the road such as “Right of way granted” and “Caution, Children.”

The skateboard is installed with an electric powertrain. Two steering axels are there that allow Snap to turn practically on a dime. It features hardware and software required to make the vehicle autonomous along with other fast-aging mechanical and IT bits and pieces, however these will become outdated much quicker than the pod but can be recycled after a few years.

Rinspeed will show it at CES 2018 in Las Vegas in January 8-12. Watch below video.


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