do it yourself pallet dining table

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

If there is of need a dining table in your home and you are in search of easy pallet ideas then you are here at right place. Recycling old pallets tips are very helpful to meet your home furniture needs at very low cost.

This is a creative and cheap DIY project of dining table. The table has been crafted from old wooden pallets. It’s a beautiful herringbone pallet dining table for your dining room which is sufficient to serve your small family. However the table can be crafted as per your requirements and your dining room space.

Material includes pallets, steel nails, glue, screws and polyurethane. Although it’s a dining table from old wooden pallets but it has a rustic look and will add more beatify your home.

The pallets used in assembling a dining table may be easily get from your home scrap. As we are habitual to throw away old pallets considering it useless but DIY pallet creativity is still there to have a pallet fun with old wooden pallets.

do it yourself pallet dining table

DIY reclaimed pallet table

build your own rustic dining table

dining table build from reclaimed wood

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