StarkBoard lets you skate remote free

Kicking the pavement to speed through city streets was the past because today’s skaters can move easily with the help of electric motors and wireless remotes. Even some boards don’t require handheld controller to know when to speed up and slow down because now onboard sensors detect rider intent. StarkBoard by Stark Mobility is equipped with weight and motion sensors that keep you rolling.

Electric skateboard

The company says that it takes only 3 minutes to learn its sensor-packed electric skateboard, and simply involves stepping on, leaning forward and moving off-“the StarkBoard is completely controlled by your body’s natural movements.”

A combination of a gyro and 4 weight and motion sensors have been used in StarkBoard electric drive setup. Motion sensors control the speed while monitoring system keeps watching over the ride, feeling the changes movement and then adjusting the ride accordingly.

Stark mobility starkBoard


Stark Mobility says that its electric board’s hub motors is enough capable to handle 15% inclines and rough terrain while the intelligent braking system will stop your rolling back down the hill if it proves too steep. To extend their journey, now riders can carry a fully charged spare battery pack in their backpack as the battery pack is removable.

Made from maple ply, ABS and steel, having handy carry holes in the deck, the StarkBoard features LED lighting front and back for after hours cruising. A mobile app has been developed by the makers to teak ride modes, check battery status and log ride stats so now it’ll come ready to ride out of the box.

Stark Mobility is currently raising production funds over on Indiegogo to bring its electric skateboard into production. Price of StarkBoard starts at US$499 but delivery will be in Feb 2018. Watch the below video for more.

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electric starkboard

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