Tiny Telescoping Hitch Hotel camper has now its own Trailer Wheels

Traditional tiny houses are too expensive and require heavy vehicles to pull, furthermore, sometimes they could not reach at your desired destination because of their massive structure. Here is a good news for outdoor lovers who desire a cheap, small, lightweight and sustainable outdoor shelter.

Hitch hotel is a tiny trailer manufacturer setup based at Valencia, within Los Angeles County, California.  It is fold able camper which provide comfortable shelter for more than two person to comfortably sleep in a vented and roomy interior. Built on a powder coated frame assembly, it keeps 10″ wheels with radial tires rated at 80 mph which can be easily towed by any car.

When expended, from back to tongue tip it measures 71 in (180 cm), however its packed body occupying around 39 in (99 cm). Its total weight is about 450 lb (204 kg) which makes the traveler a super-light, tiny trailer by any angle. It can bear 550 lb (249 kg) of live load so owners can carry plenty of camping and sports gear along for the trip.

The Hitch Hotel is built to be watertight and secure so that you and your companions are well protected from the elements. With its compact design, light-weight framework and aerodynamic housing it’s ideal for any adventure.

Manufacturing of Hitch Hotel is in progress in two models, Classic @ $4,999 and Traveler@ $5,699 .The Hitch Hotel has planned  to start delivery of Classic to its original Kickstarter backers within the next two months, however, the Traveler is still in initial stages, but plans call for availability by mid-summer.


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