10 Budget-Friendly Tips for a DIY Living Room Makeover

The living room is where your family spends most of their time during the day. It is also where you receive your guests. It is the first space everyone sees when they enter your home. It is, therefore, crucial to add a touch of elegance to your living room.

This will ensure that you create a good impression and, at the same time, provide much-needed comfort. However, you do not need to overstretch your budget when doing a makeover. You can accurately estimate your construction budget, making it more manageable to renovate.

Tips for DIY Living Room Makeover

1. Create a new lighting

Lighting is a crucial fixture in your living room. Changing your lighting creates a new focal point to add depth to the room. A well-layered concept makes a statement and, in return, enhances the outlook of your living room. An affordable way to create new lighting is getting a cylinder lamp shade for your lights. In addition, you can add dimmer switches without adding extra costs.

2. Add a mirror on the wall

Mirrors are an excellent versatile design feature that adds glamour and interest to a space. They also reflect your space and light. You can use a mirror to boost the sense of space, especially if you have a small living room. If you have a window, maximize natural light by using a mirror to reflect it in your living room. Mirrors will help concentrate more light in your house while reducing the need for more lights.

3. Replace your old pillows

Placing new pillows in your living room is a budget-friendly makeover trick. Throw pillows are easy to make, or you can get affordable pillows from your local store. They will help you accessorize and brighten your living room. You should get fuller pillows and throw your old ones. Remember to get them in different sizes and colors to mix and match for an excellent appearance.

4. Hang art on the wall

A blank wall can be boring at times. You update your wall by placing one or more pieces of art on the wall. The art will elevate the appearance of your home while grabbing attention. Making creative pieces of art at home is budget-free. In addition, they are available at second-hand shops at affordable prices.

5. Add fresh paint

Adding a coat of paint can help draw interest into your space. Painting an entire room might require more time and money. Thus it is easier to paint the open space with a bold color to create a focal point cost-effectively.

6. Select new window treatments

Old curtains and blinds can make a room look gloomy. When doing a makeover to your living, you should replace them with budget-friendly readymade options. Replacing tired blinds or curtains will brighten a room and make it look bigger.

7. Add handles and knobs

Old furniture could also be letting your room down hence the need to renovate. Adding new knobs and handles gives your room an instant upgrade. It also makes your furniture look warmer.

8. Repaint your furniture or add new fabric

Using the right paint and fabric for a living room makeover is an excellent tip. You can select a bold color for your furniture that will perfectly coordinate with the rest of the shade in the room. Also, find a fine fabric for your seat upholstery. This will transform and elevate the appearance of your living room.

9. Use Floor-to-ceiling drapes

Drapes and curtains make the living space look finished. Hanging tall curtains improves the height by attracting attention upward. Besides, buying short draperies makes them look too cheap. Getting a lighter fabric will also help increase natural light in the living space.

10. Create built-in structures

Creating built-in spaces in your home can enhance the appearance of your home. People also prefer built-in pieces because it is an extra storage area that helps you keep your living room tidy. You can create a bookshelf or cabinets to store items that are not used often. Arguably, a bookshelf that runs from the floor to the ceiling gives a room an elegant look, but it is very affordable.

Makeovers are inevitable if one wants to enhance the appearance, indoor climate, and comfort in the living room. The above are some helpful tips to help you cost-effectively DIY your living space. More importantly, use a template to get accurate estimates of your renovation costs. If need be, it is always recommendable to consult an expert.

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