Tents Camping in 2024

Top Tents for Camping in 2024

In order to provide you with a home far from home in the great outdoors, we have compiled a list of the best tents for camping in the year, ranging from the most expensive to the most affordable.

CampingCamping tents are designed to provide a relatively pleasant experience in the great outdoors. They are spacious, easy to use, and packed with features. Plenty of space is available on many of these massive vessels to accommodate sleeping bags, a table, and chairs for inside card games on wet days.

Even the most budget-friendly tents on our list should be more than adequate for occasional summertime vehicle campers. You should splurge on higher-quality materials and a greater inside room if you’re going to be using it frequently or in harsher weather. The top tents for camping in 2024 are detailed below.

The North Face Wawona

The North Face Wawona

Floor space: 86.1 sq. ft.

Peak height: 80 inches

Capacity: 4, 6 or 8 Persons.

Weight: 20 Lbs.

Even though The North Face’s success in the camping industry isn’t guaranteed, its Wawona line is a sure bet. A hybrid double-wall structure was the most noticeable change from the previous generation’s less ventilated single-wall architecture, and the pole structure was reworked to facilitate setup.

These updates were made very recently. The tunnel-like form, which is evocative of REI’s Wonderland 6 below, has four- and six-person configurations and delivers plenty of internal room, about three square feet more floor surface, and an extra two inches of highest point than the REI—all just about $100 less.

We recommend the Wawona for 2024 due to its low price, large interior, and mesh-heavy construction. In addition to the modest four-person capacity of about $400, it is now also available in an 8-person version of about $699, making it suitable for larger families or groups.

Nemo Aurora Highrise

Nemo Aurora Highrise

Floor space: 83.3 sq. ft.

Peak height: 77 inches

Capacity: 4 or 6 Persons.

Weight: 18 Lbs.

Superb overall performance, simple installation, and sturdy construction.

An alternative to Mountain Hardwear Mineral and Marmot Tungsten, two crossover choices, was presented a few years ago by Nemo with the Aurora range.

The most recent Highrise model, on the other hand, is aimed at the high-end of the market and competes with other, more livable options, such as the highly regarded Wawona and REI Wonderland, below, with its steep sidewalls, standing-height interior, and enormous footprint.

 In keeping with Nemo’s usual meticulous construction, the Aurora Highrise features two spacious entrances and entrances, a rainfly that may be extended to form an awning (poles not included), sturdy aluminum poles, and a dense 150-denier floor decorated with an attractive checkered pattern, among other high-quality features.

Coleman Skydome

Coleman Skydome

Floor space: 85 sq. ft.

Peak height: 72 inches

Capacity:  2, 4, 6 or 8 Persons.

Weight: 19 Lbs.

Affordable, spacious inside and quick setup.

Our top budget selection this season is the Coleman Skydome 6, which is practically a byword for reasonably priced camping gear. The surprise thing is how contemporary this tent feels as well as looks.

A full-coverage rainfly makes the Skydome weather-worthy (the Sundome leaves much of the sides uncovered), and the use of pre-bent rods and additional vertical walls opens up the inside in a large way; this is in sharp contrast to Coleman’s somewhat antiquated and cheap-feeling Sundome, which is located below.

We particularly appreciate the pre-attached poles, which make assembly a snap, and the large vestibule and wide door, which add to the overall ease.

Alaskan Guide Model

Alaskan Guide Model

Floor space: 90 sq. ft.

Peak height: 73 inches

Capacity: 4, 6 or 8 Persons.

Weight: 33 Lbs.

This is an extremely sturdy and weather-resistant construction.

The Alaskan Guide Model from Cabela’s is the best tent for camping in inclement weather. The tent can withstand severe weather conditions, including snow, rain, and strong winds (up to 50 mph gusts), thanks to its sturdy six-pole hexagonal construction, coverage rainfly, strong polyurethane flooring as well as fly coatings, and durable fabrics.

Not only that, it’s packed with functions and stays comfortable in mild temps. Mesh vents plus windows may be opened to promote airflow, the front entryway is suitably spacious, and you have sufficient pockets along within to keep things organized.

When it’s nice out, the Wawona with more mesh and better organization is a good choice, but if you need to stay warm during a storm, the Alaskan Guide definitely the way to go.

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