Towable AOR Sierra is your best Outdoor adventure Partner

Area of Australia is equal to the United States, however it keeps tenth of its population, mostly area is less -populated, rough and it offers some of the toughest and most rewarding camping on the earth.

Whether traveling into less populated desert or enjoying a simple long weekend in the forests, AOR’s new Sierra trailer is your proud partner in the adventure.

The off-road industry is constant strong in Australia and has a unique style. Heavy duty, go-anywhere camper trailers and rocky hybrid caravans are the order of the day. Here is introduction about the latest model of towable bunker.

The foundation of the trailer is made by high tensile galvanized steel. It keeps 14-feet (4.3-m) length weighing 3,970 lb (1,800 kg).The manufacturer has used raptor coated fiberglass body and the forward most part (nosecone) has been made by aluminum. A suspension system has been used in the frame to reduce shock effects. It comprises a fabulous queen bedroom, large slide-out kitchen and an electrical system (lithium based).

A separate door leads to comfortable cabin having 6 inch foam mattress has been provided. A good ventilation has been made possible by a fan. Good storage under bed and the front storage lockers through interior access doors are also provided. Study lights, ceiling-mounted storage and a series of 12V and USB outlets completes the cabin

At the window side of bed room there is a mixer to mix the external cold/hot water supplies. During travel, this system packs away in the case mounted below the roofline. Water is supplied via a bash plate-protected 60-L tank (upgradeable) and external water can also be used by by-passing the tank. There is a large kitchen space behind a swing-up lobby which offers a slide out stove, countertop, space for fridge   and stainless steel sink. A double-burner stove and BBQ grill are also provided.

A 150-Ah lithium battery with a full battery management system keeps 3.5 inch touchscreen display and smart device connectivity distributes power from Andersen plug. Solar panels are also can be connected. Hooked up external equipment can be used by unified fuels.

It costs the AU$42,500 (US$29,050) for this trailer. In Aussie mini-trailers, there are BRS Sherpa or Track Tvan MK5 featuring walking around the upper deck of that ballpark having two-sleeper but can be converted four- to six-sleeper with the available pods and foldable roof-top tent options.  The bunker is equipped with different drawers and storage spaces for gear like fishing hooks,   bikes and kayaks.

The Patriot X1-H and Bruder EXP- comprises 7-foot-long (2.2-m) square, a galvanized high-tensile steel foundation, queen bedroom, lithium-based electrical system and large folding slide out.


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