Different Types of Windows with Unique Characteristics

Windows are an essential part of your home interior. They do not only offer an impressive view but also allow light to enter the rooms.

Are you planning to replace your old windows or want to do window glass repair? The chances are that you’ll select the wrong style according to your needs. However, we are here to help you out. We are sharing different types of widows having unique characteristics. We will also discuss the benefits of each category so you can decide better.

Energy Efficient Windows

glass window

Energy-efficient windows are also called energy-saving windows. As the name suggests, they save energy bills by preventing air escape from your place. It has increased insulation properties offering a reduction in energy bills. Moreover, it gives a comfortable and modern appeal to your home.

There are three types of energy-efficient windows:

  • Single pane windows
  • Double pane windows
  • Triple pane windows

Single pane windows consist of a single pane and are the least energy efficient. If you talk about double pane, these types of windows have two panes of glass. The space between the glass panes is filled with gas or vacuum. Whereas triple-pane windows have three panes and the spaces are filled with gas or vacuum.

Benefits of Energy Efficient windows

Energy Efficient Windows

  • Double and triple-pane windows offer sound insulation properties.
  • Hard to break and prevent robberies.
  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Less maintenance and repair costs.

Impact Windows


Are you tired of dealing with broken windows because of bad weather? It’s time to get impact windows for your home. Impact windows use hurricane resistant glass with a shatter-resistant film. As the experts explain here, https://miamitile.com/window-manufacturers-miami/impact-windows/, impact windows use hurricane-resistant glass with a shatter-resistant film. This film is applied to both sides of the window glass panes.

Even if the window has to face extreme weather and pressure, the glass will stay in place. It may crack, but the glass doesn’t shatter causing damage to the property.



  • A good choice for places that face extreme weather conditions and storms.
  • Has sound reduction properties
  • A safer and durable option that offers energy efficiency

UV-resistant Windows

Replacing Windows

Are you facing skin issues? Have a look at your windows, as they pose a silent hazard. Consider replacing them with UV resistant windows.

These windows use Plexiglas, which is strong and durable. It is available in different colors if you want something different. Moreover, it restricts the UV-radiations from entering the house.

UV-resistant windows are a great choice for homes, schools as well as offices. It offers protection from the harsh UV rays and keeps skin healthy. Moreover, it prevents furniture from going bad.

Why you should choose UV- resistant windows


  • Offers protection from UV rays
  • Keeps skin fresh and healthy
  • The furniture doesn’t deteriorate over time

Bulletproof Windows

Bulletproof Windows

As the name says, bulletproof windows prevent bullets from passing through the glass. These windows are made of multiple layers of glass with plastic layers sandwiched in between. The group of these layers is called a laminate, which is ten times tougher than ordinary glass.

When a bullet hits the bulletproof window, it is reflected sideways. The glass absorbs the energy and does not allow the bullet to pass through. If the glass panes break, the plastic layers prevent it from shattering apart.

They are the best solution for homes, banks, schools, hospitals, stores, and public places where security is a concern.

Why you should install bulletproof windows


  • These windows provide great protection against theft or burglary
  • Don’t shatter easily

Shatter-resistant Windows


They are another type of safety window. They are composed of acrylic or laminated glass, which makes them hard to shatter. They are an amazing choice for places, which are exposed to hurricanes and thunderstorms.

The harsh winds and tornadoes can hurl trees and lawn chairs into the windows causing excessive damage to the property. Moreover, they deter burglars, as the windows are hard to break. The inner laminated layer also blocks sound.

What benefits offers shattered resistant windows?


  • Keeps property safe when nature gets unpredictable
  • Keeps burglars away

Safety Windows

safety windows

Did your kid smash a baseball bat into the window? Glass windows can be dangerous if you have kids or pets at home. However, safety windows can keep everyone safe.

Safety windows are made of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than ordinary glass. If it breaks in case of an accident, it will shatter into small and round pieces. This quality offers protection for kids and furry babies.

Pluses of installing safety windows

Installing Safety Windows

  • Kids’ friendly and pet-friendly option
  • Breaks into small and harmless pieces

Simple ordinary windows


If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, ordinary glass windows are the right thing for you. They use standard or annealed women. Therefore, it means you have no added layer of protection. If you need protection, you will have to install better locks and security cameras.

However, if you have no security issues and you live in a moderate climate, these windows are the best bet.

Benefits of simple windows


  • The cheapest choice for windows

Final Words!

We hope you can now choose the right type of windows for your needs. Remember not to compromise on security and comfort and choose high-quality products only.

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