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Wall String-Lights Cover Ideas

We usually use light decoration for holidays to create holiday spirit at home. Lights are always associated with beautiful moments that you experienced with family and friends and that is why people worship them. But even if holidays finish, it doesn’t  mean that you have to put them away, they can continue to be decoration at your house and still remind you of the wonderful holiday moments that you spent.

For this project you need is string lights, that you can easily find and get cheap. The second important material is something that will help you to attach string lights to wall, glass, bed or painting. You have many options  in circulation, so you must try to do some of the projects because they are simple and easy and will give fantastic final result.

One of the options is to wrap a string lights around wooden pillar of bed or if your bed doesn’t have pillars, you can improvise and put it on decorative bedspread which will be attached to the ceiling. If you have an ordinary and plain bedroom with no interesting details that decorate and beautify it, you can glue string lights on the wall and it will completely change the look of the room and give it a more beautiful note.

You can also make a string-lights mirror or make unusual ornament by using big frame which you can paint with white colour and use wood twigs to hang string lights on it. Make cloudy lamps for your kids room and they will be trilled. Create wall with pretty photos and fairy lights for teenager’s room. These lights can embellish one of the most important days in your life, your wedding day, and it will look so romantic.


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