What Should You Know About Chemical Peels Before Undergoing the Procedure?

The aesthetic medicines industry is growing by leaps and bounds due to ever-increasing demand. It was worth 9.4 billion dollars in 2020 and could reach over 15 billion dollars by 2025. Technological improvements have made present procedures safer and more effective while introducing new ones. If you want the best combination of cosmetic procedure and place, then look no further than chemical peels San Diego.

The city is in California, home to the country’s cosmetic procedures industry. It is also a favored tourist spot, inviting 35 million visitors in 2019 and over 11 billion dollars to its economy. Some of that money undoubtedly came from cosmetic procedures they underwent there, as it’s a favorite for those too. The colleges provide the qualified talent necessary to make the industry a success there. The demand has ensured investments for setting up state-of-the-art facilities.

Peeling Away the Ignorance Surrounding Chemical Peels

Having smooth and blemish-free skin is everyone’s wish. The sunshine in San Diego, which sees little rainfall throughout the year, is one cause of skin damage there. Getting treated with Facial Chemical Peels in San Diego can handle skin problems if the chemical peels procedure is done correctly.

Why Undergo It?

  • To reduce the fine lines underneath eyes and around mouths.
  • Age and sun damage-related wrinkle treatment.
  • Appearance enhancement of mild scars.
  • Treatment of certain types of acne
  • To reduce pregnancy and birth control-related skin conditions.
  • To improve general skin appearance and feel.

If you are looking to remedy any of the above, then chemical peel will serve you well.

It does not help with skin sagging, bulging, and excessive wrinkling.

Gain Medical Approval

You might want to undergo this procedure, but your skin may not be willing. You could very well be allergic to the chemicals used in the treatment.

Some medications do not agree with the chemicals used here; make sure to not take them before starting treatment.

Consult the in-house dermatologist of your treatment center or your regular one to confirm if the treatment is ok for you.

Skin Preparation

The skin needs preparation before the chemical mask is applied. Doing so makes the treatment more effective.

Medicines like Renova and glycolic acid may get administered. You might even be prescribed antibiotics or antiviral medication.

In the moments preceding the procedure, the professional treating you will clean your skin with chemical solutions like salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, etc., creating a controlled wound for the new skin.

How Painful Is It?

It’s normal to feel a burning sensation during the procedure for five to ten minutes, along with a stinging sensation. Cool compresses over the skin can alleviate the sting a bit. If it’s too much, you might have to take painkillers.

The duration of the pain and the intensity depends on the depth of the peel. Medium and deep peels cause the most pain.

The reaction is similar to sunburn, and the associated redness can last three to seven days.

What Follows It?

Repeated treatments between one to four weeks for mild, six to twelve months for medium, and longer for deep peels are needed.

Avoid the medicines, procedures, and foods your doctor has told you to. Stay out of the sun, and if you can’t, use sunscreens with 30+ SPF only.

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