Cool DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns

Wonderful Cozy Yarn Paper lamp

It’s better to know how to make your own light source as you’ll really need it any time. I made it easily and really enjoyed this DIY project of Yarn Paper lamp. Supplies include soda pet bottle of 2.5 litre, masking tape, small saw, sandpaper, paper yarn, scissor, few rubber bands, modge podge, a pendant lighting arrangement, 1-inch foam brush.  Cut the soda bottle as near as to the neck.  To make the edge smooth, sand them with sandpaper.  Remove the wrap from the bottle and wrap the tape in the place of label. The edge should begin from the bump. Sand the top to make the bottle surface rough.  It will ensure that yarn doesn’t slip where you wrap it around the bottle.  Read the rest of the tutorial about this DIY project of Yarn Paper lamp.

DIY Lantern Making project

Cool DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns

Easy DIY project cozy yarn paper lamp

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