10 Amazing Benefits of Natural Oils when applied on Belly Button

The belly button is very sensitive part of human body which connects a child with his mother,  this magical spot on your body is a secret remedy to many day-to-day problems that you complain about. Natural oils put wonderful effects on our health when applied to belly button.

I have gathered easy, effective and economical solution for day to day health problems in belly button using natural oil.

   1-For dry lips apply Mustard Oil on your belly button

In every season girls and boys suffer from dry, rough lips which is due to dryness of internal organs .Apply mustard oil on your belly button to get nourished, moisturized cute lips. This put good effect on our digestion system, and cleans our belly button from germs.


  1. For acne marks and pimples apply Neem Oil on your belly button

Acne marks and pimples are an obstacle in the way of your beautiful face which completely destroy your self-confidence .Try this simple tip to get rid of acne marks and pimples.


3-To achieve moisturized and glowing skin apply Almond Oil

Natural oils work well on areas that are usually forgotten, like the belly button and stomach. Almond oil is not only an amazing  worker for your hair  .Convert a dull, tired face into a glowing nourished face and say hello to beauty.


  1. Apply Coconut oil on belly button to get healthy hair

Nature has kept many benefits for mankind in Coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on belly button to get healthy nourished hair and this boosts fertility in both men and women.


  5-To cure cold, flu and a running nose keep alcohol dipped cotton swab on belly button

Suffering from cold and flu, try alcohol dipped cotton swab to get fast relief from cold, flu and running nose.


  1. To get Rid of Oily Face use Lemon Oil

Due to its acidic properties, lemon oil reduces bad effects of oily skin in women when applied on belly button.


  1. Decreases Menstrual Pain

Ladies, are you suffering from painful menstrual pain? For natural relief against menstrual pain, gently apply any natural diluted oil to your belly button.


  1. Treats Stomach Ache

Gently applying natural oils in belly button provide relief from stomach pain, diarrhea, and food poisoning. It softens intestines also.


  1. Cures Infection

An infection can easily develop if your belly button is dirty because it’s the perfect home for bacteria and fungi. Tea tree oil is the best choice because it has powerful antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Another option is mustard oil which also boasts bacteria-fighting abilities.


10-Moisturizes Skin

In winter, when the air is dry natural oils are very useful in moisturizing and nourishment of the skin. They have fatty acid content which cares for skin. Your skin will feel silky smooth, especially after a shower.


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