10 Deadliest Diseases Spread Out like Corona in History

According to BBC,till March 26,2020, more than  450,000 individuals  are infected and death rate raised to 21000 individuals due to Covid-19, throughout the world even 10000 new cases have been reported same day within U.S and death rate in Italy has left behind China.

Reference to an article published in Washington post on March 11, some epidemiology experts think the Covid-19 flare up will be close in scale to an influenza pandemic in 1957 that caused more than 1 million deaths worldwide, including 70,000 in the U.S., and made a quarter-billion people ill. Here we look at 10 deadliest disease which badly effect mankind in the past.


Antonine Plague (AD 165)
This was  smallpox (measles) disease  which spread in Roman Empire through  troops returning to Rome from far East. The Antonine plague also known as the Plague of Galen kill five million people.

Plague of Justinian (541-542)
This outbreak take 25 million people (almost half population of Europe).Plague of  Justinian  hit the Byzantine Empire and many cities around the Mediterranean Sea. The deadly disease spread through many dirty ships which arrived at ports.

The Black Death (1346-1353)
The Black death killed  over 200 million people ,according to historians the disease originated in Asia which spread throughout the world due to ships that keep  black rats.

Third Cholera (1852)
The third cholera flare up begin in India and spread across continents which  take more than  one million l lives across the world.

Flu (1889-1890)
The H3N8 subtype  virus was the cause of this influenza virus was, originating in the Russian Empire spreading across the Northern Hemisphere  later aided by the advent of modern transport infrastructure. The disease claimed one million lives.

Sixth Cholera (1910-1911)
The sixth cholera flare-up  begin in India, which speeded to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia. The outbreak killed 8,00,000 people.

Spanish Flu (1918)
Spread through  H1N1 virus that produced by  bad hygiene in hospitals  at Spain  was the worse disease  which  infected about 500 million people, and killed over 50 million people.

Asian Flu (1957)
The Asian flu was an avian influenza outbreak that spread in the late 1950s and later died out after a vaccine was introduced. At its height, the virus killed two million people.
Hong Kong flu (1968)
Caused by  the virus  H3N2 subtype ,the Hong Kong  flu was a global outbreak of the influenza virus, which originated in the Asian continent which killed one million people.

HIV/AIDS (2005-2012)
Firstly identified in  the Republic of Congo in 1976, this disease  killed  35 million people in the decade of its peak. HIV virus is cause of this disease  which transmitted from both male and female to each other while having sexual contact.

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