DIY Creative Household items Planter Ideas

10 Best Creative DIY Planter Ideas from Household Items

DIY Creative Household items Planter Ideas

The garden of your home is a place where you can be very creative and you can show others how you can decorate your garden with your creativity. Here are 10 best creative do it yourself planter ideas from household items.

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1. Chandelier Planter

Whenever you are renovating your home and you plan to throw out your old Chandelier, you just have to think once about what you can do with your old chandelier. Yes, you have guessed it right, you can convert it into a creative chandelier planter.



2. Birdcage Planter

If you love the birds and you have a birdcage in your house, but you want to get a new bird cage for your lovely birds, then don’t waste your old birdcage. You can use it for many other purposes and you can even reproduce a birdcage planter out of it which you can hang in your garden or any other place.

Old DIY BirdCage Planter

Old DIY BirdCage Planter

Old DIY BirdCage Planter

3. Wheelbarrow Planter

Most people don’t have a wheelbarrow at home, but, luckily if you have, then you can use it as a wheelbarrow planter as well. The best thing about it, you can move it to any location to change the decoration, or according to the weather conditions.


wheelbarrow planter ideas

4. Tree Stump Planter

Most people don’t know what to do with a tree stump at their garden. The best thing you do with the tree stump is that you can convert it into a tree stump planter. Watch this DIY tree stump planter idea in the pictures below.

Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

5. Tire Planter

Though the idea is old, and many people now don’t want to use an old black tire as a planter. But as you are creative, so you can produce a colorful creative DIY tire planter. Just take the old tires of your car and paint them with colorful paints. Its all done and you have read your beautiful tire planters to place in your garden.

DIY tire planter

creative DIY tire planter


6. Hanging Tire Planter

Another creative way to use the old tires is to pint it with bright colors and then use it as a hanging tire planter with the tree in your garden, or with the fence or at the wall your backyard.


hanging tire planter

7. Plastic Bottle Planter

If you like to drink soda bottles, cold drinks in plastic bottles then you might have a huge stock of old plastic bottles. Just cut the neck of the bottle and you are all set to create DIY plastic bottle planter.


plastic bottle DIY planter

best DIY plastic planter

8. Paint Can Planter

While you are renovating your home and painting the walls, don’t throw the used paint cans or don’t let the painter take these empty cans with him. You can produce beautiful paint can planters with these empty paint cans.

empty paint can planters

DIY creative paint can planters

recycle old paint cans for planters

9. Purse Planter

Producing purse planter is another great idea and you can use these DIY creative purse planter to decorate your garden, or indoor as well.


DIY create Purse Planter

creative DIY Purse Planter

10. Bicycle Planter

If you have an old bicycle at home, you can use it as it is, rusty, or you can paint it to match with the garden and then you can use it as a DIY bicycle planter.

DIY Creative bicycle planter

colorful bicycle planter


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