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DIY Room Decor Crafts

Girls love to decorate their room, especially the dressing table is their first priority and they want to decorate it with different types of decorating objects. The small but stylish jewelry box to keep their necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles and other jewelry is the first priority of every young girl.

Then keeping the makeup accessories like lipsticks, eyeliners, lip liner, eye laches, eye shades, blush on, nail paint, concealer, kajal, lip glows, shiner, makeup brushes and many other accessories in different boxes is also a must-have box on the dressing table of girls.

Then there must be a place to keep the perfumes, deodorants, hair spray, and other such things on the dressing table.

Apart from these useful accessories, they also need some decorating gadgets and decorating items which are required to add the beauty of the room and the beauty of the dressing table and these items has nothing to do anything else.

These small items can be easily bought from the local market or from the online stores, but crafting the decorating items at home is the best way to keep yourself busy and to spend your time in creating some useful items out of useless things.


Not so much costly accessories are required to craft these things. You can easily do it yourself with the items that are already available in every home. Some of the things which are required to craft these decorating items yourself are as follows:

  • Ceasors
  • Gum
  • Paper
  • Hard Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scale
  • Gum
  • Gift Paper

Most of the above-mentioned items are already available at homes except the cardboard and gift paper. But you can easily buy these items from your nearest bookstore or stationery store.

DIY EASY Room Decor CRAFTS Gift Ideas

You must watch the video below to learn how you can easily craft DIY decorating items and gift ideas:

For more ideas, you can refer to the pictures provided below.

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