Build your own recycling bin

10 Easy DIY-Make your Recycling Bin

Trash can is the necessity of every home. To keep your house clean, you should keep trash cans in every room so that you throw garbage. There are today we’ll share some cute DIY Trash Can ideas with you to make your own trash can at home. One of the great ideas to make a wooden trash can. We were on the way coming back to the home. On the way we found pallet wood. We take it with us and started thinking to make a wooden furniture piece. My friend is always thinking is a technical minded person. He’s always thinking about DIY pallet projects. So we decide to make a pallet wood trash can with this pallet piece. We found so many awesome homemade trash cans design by searching on the internet. Following the process we made few trash can from the pallet wood. This was our first DIY pallet project, we really enjoyed it.

How to make a wooden trash can

DIY homemade wooden can

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Easy DIY trash Can

build your own trash bin

DIY homemade recycling bin

Build your own recycling bin

how to make your own wooden trash bin

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