How to Choose Chiller Rentals and Their Advantages

Chiller rentals are an excellent option if you see your cooling requirements changing in the foreseeable future. If you are on the fence whether you should invest in a brand-new unit, then renting a chiller will help make your decision easier. Another advantage is that the rental company will provide you with a maintenance plan. Continue reading

Here is Reason Why Fireflies are Disappearing

Do you have a summer memory about fireflies? Many of us have sweet memories of spotting and catching fireflies in warm evenings of summer, having grown up near to a wetland. But there are signs our kids may not grow up with the same firefly memories we had, because, unfortunately they are disappearing from marshes, fields Continue reading

5 money saving home renovation projects

5 DIY Home Renovations for the Thrifty Homeowner

Being a thrifty homeowner, I always try to save money on every home improvement project. But I am also aware of the fact that in Vancouver, I can’t do the DIY home remodeling projects without a permit as the laws are strict and any project which involves life risk or other high value risk are Continue reading

autohaus by matt fajkus

Matt Fajkus Architecture unveils Autohaus for Car lovers

Just like BIG’s Villa Gug that centers around the owner’s autos classic collection, A Texas-based Matt Fajkus Architecture firm has recently completed its Autohaus, a house for car lovers. The entire ground floor has been made for garage space while the living space is at outward above. Measuring the total space floorspace of 4088 sq Continue reading

saudi prince killed in crash

Saudi Prince killed in helicopter crash during Aerial Inspection near Yemen border

Saudi prince Mansour bin Murqin has been killed in helicopter crash, while he was travelling in helicopter with several officials near Yemen border Al-Ikhbariya news channel said. The reason of the crash is unknown. Prince Mansour was the deputy governor of Asir province. Saudi Arabia said that they’ve intercepted a ballistic missile, fired from Yemen Continue reading