10 Inspiring Doormat DIY ideas

Not just for decoration, but the mat  is useful stuff and first impression of your home. It will help you maintain the cleanliness/dryness of your home and removing excess water when you enter the inside room.

If you want to additionally decorate or design your home and have some DIY skills, why not create a mat as per your choice?  Here we present you some creative ideas that will help you to make an interesting welcome mat for your front door, that will inspire all your visitors.

1-Personalized Doormat

A personalized doormat is a nice way to welcome your honorable guests and it reflects your personality as well. Thanks to www.ankikasdiylife .com which has provided a complete tutorial to make this personalized doormat.

image via anikasdiylife.com

2-Stone doormat

Do you love gems? Create this good looking and more welcoming stone doormat which is simple to do.

image via bobvila.com

3-Doormat made by old clothing

If you have loved this old clothing doormat and want to try it by yourself, please refer to www.instructable.com for a detailed procedure to do.

image via instructables.com

4- Made by wooden pieces

For more rustic and durable look consider this wooden doormat which is not so difficult to create. For step by step tutorial please visit sawdust2stiches.com

Image via sawdust2stiches.com

Image via hometalk.com

5- Using jute rugs

This jute rugs made doormat is looking very charming. It is simple to make and very inexpensive also.The complete tutorial is available on this link.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv5btBfg-5Q

Image via youtube.com

6-Leftover carpet

Why you don’t utilize leftover carpet from your previous home make in this cool way. Some decorative crafts will be required to complete the job.

image via diyjoy.com

7-Polka dot

How pretty is looking this polka dot doormat which is super easy to create and also very inexpensive?

image via shrimpsaladcircus.com

8-Rugs made

Rugs made doormat are good looking, durable, and also very practical.

image via william-sonoma.com

9-Wrought iron

Wrought iron doormats are in nowadays, they are very durable and good looking.

image via dibor.co.uk

10-Woven rope doormat

Try this wonderful woven rope doormat to inspire your loved ones, which is looking very rustic. It is very cheap and sustainable also.

image via pinterest.com

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