11 Modern Kitchen Interior Designs Trending in 2020

With their perfect layouts, minimalist cabinetry, eye-catching colors, metallic works and decent  fixtures, modern kitchens have such elegance that is always in. They blend sense of modern design with traditional and industrial look. Color incorporating is essential to add a warm welcoming touch in kitchens. Check out these inspiring modern kitchens ideas which are trending now a days.

image via home-designing.com

1-Create  Islands

Kitchen islands are trending now a days, they are very practical and also a good source to enhance your kitchen’s charm.

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2-Add rustic wooden look

Rustic wood work never goes out of fashion.Check out the combination of wood work in this kitchen which is indeed creating  a great look.

Image via  elldecor.com

3-Blend two tones

Combination of two different colored kitchen cabinets adding style in this picture.

Image via kimkatrinmilan.com

4-Display drama

Display all your stuff for a modern look of kitchen.They add  style,  utility and time saving options to your kitchen.

image via pinterest.com

image via pinterest.com

5-Marble toppings

Counter tops with marble finishes add both style and utility  in kitchens.

image via housebeautiful.com

6- Create industrial look

Check out this cool kitchen in which industrial style  is creating a  great look.

image via houzz.com

7-Add Eco friendly properties

Creation of ECO friendly spaces is essential now a days to overcome pollution issues at earth.Greenery inside and outside of kitchen is a nice element in this regard.

image via thesethreerooms.com

8-Hide the hood

Hide your  kitchen’s hood for a decent and modern  look .Many ideas and options are available in this regard.

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9-Keep it simple

Refer to this idea for a simple yet modern kitchen design.

image via dreamsscapes.com

10-Up date your ware and fittings

Up date your wares and fittings  for a modern look  and there are endless possibilities to choose from in this regard.

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11- Perfect Layouts

Most houses have less space for kitchen, so a wise layout is very important to establish a model kitchen equipped with every tool.It is all about utilization of spaces to have a modern kitchen.

image via home-designing.com

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