unique guest room decor ideas

10 wonderful DIY Ideas for a Guest Room Decor

A guest room is special room for your guest and relatives visiting your home after regular intervals. If you are thinking that how to decorate a guest bedroom, but budget is always problem for you. Don’t worry decorating a guest room is not a high cost DIY project. Just keep in mind that your guest room should be comfortable, no need to spend more money on guest room décor. While decorating your guest bedroom, consider that bedroom is a permanent guest room or you also use it as your home office. Because if you need space for your office then keep a futon instead of full bed so that you can remove the futon and can give more space for your home office. Keep a cute table lamp in guest room to give a rustic and curtains should be also of luscious color. There should be storage spaces; you can keep a dresser as its drawers can be used for storage purpose. If possible then keep a sofa in guestroom so that your honorable guest can sit there if like. There should be fancy lights to decorate your guest room and for lightening purpose. For wonderful guest bedroom décor, don’t forget to keep a TV or Radio for entertainment.  

how to decorate a guestroom

Easy DIY guest room decor ideas

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Guest room decorating ideas

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unique guest room decor ideas

how to decorate a guest room

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