11 Gorgeous Home Designs Trending in 2020

With his fingers on the pulse of the latest progress, today’s architecture keeps the ability to adapt, sketch out and utilize effects that increase style, function and sustainability. It is interesting to see trends which express our needs as society and environment . When you plan to you build your house, the architectural designs play an important role.To assist my respectful readers, here are the top 11 exterior home design which are Trending in 2020.

image via teamovercs.com

1-Add pergolas in you design

Enhance beauty of your architecture by adding pergolas in design. They are easy to construct and very good looking.

image via designtrends.com

image via impressiveinteriordesign.com

image via homedit.com

2-Combination of raw concrete and glazing

sculpt your exterior garden with  exposed concrete work, wall blinds and  huge glass pans.Rocks placed at front are  also looking very cool.

image via homedesigning.com

3-Wooden cladded house

Cladding created by local  wood on  has been incorporated  in a modern log cabin.  The cladding runs its grooves smooth on the roof and perpendicular in its body which is looking ow-some.

4-Gable roof with dormer window 

Check out this nice design of a house which is perfect for hilly area.The architect has beautifully added wood and glass work too.

image via idealhome.com.uk

Elevation for this house is also awesome, roof keeps  cathedral shape.

image via homedesigning.com

5-Marble work on external wall

Fixing of marble on exterior side creates a wonderful look and it is absolutely maintenance free as compared with paint or other finishes.

image via teamovercs.com

6-Roman blind plaster

Check out this contemporary design of house  which is looking elegant.

image via homedesigning.com

7-Granite fixing on front elevation

Front elevation of this home is looking amazing, granite fixed on walls has enhanced charm of the home.

8-Home front with extra ordinary Porch & terrace slabs

Try out this unique design of porch and terrace slabs.Layout for window openings is looking very amazing also .

image via architecturalideas.com

9-Small door great look

Check out the elevation and door which is suggested for small houses.

image via freshhome.com

10-Sloped roofed house

The trend of sloped roofs from old age is  in now a days trending again.Window  at upper  floor are also parallel to roof that are creating nice look.

image via bsbdesign.com

11-Exposed brick work 

Pointed exposed brick work at the corner of the front of house is creating great look and it is maintenance free also.

image via newdecortrends.com

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