12 DIYS for Growing Herbs at Home

The herbs are usually used to flavor food in cooking, they may also be used in other ways, such as discouraging pests, providing pleasant scents, or serving medicinal purposes among others.

A kitchen garden can be created by planting different herbs in pots or containers, with the added benefit of mobility. Although not all herbs grow in pots or containers, some herbs do better than others. Mint is an example of an herb that is suggested to keep in a container or it will take over the whole garden.

Herbs often have multiple uses. For example, mint may be used for cooking, tea, and pest control. Here are some easy ideas to grow herbs at home.

1-Recycled planters

Used paint drums, empty tea containers are well suited to grow herbs inside home. It is super easy and almost free. Just grow herbs in wares and put them at suitable place.


2-Pipe planters

Half pieces of PVC pipes are ideal to grow herbs. It can be placed on ground or hung on walls .It is also easy.


3-Pallet planters

Multi-level Frames of pallets planters are well organized, well suited and useful planters to grow herbs .It is very cheap and easy to do.


4-Hanging planters

Multi-level hanging planters are elegant planters. Four to five plants pots easily can be placed in this planter.


5-Rounded steel traditional planters

Rounded steel traditional planters keeps enough space to carry planters and they also are good looking .They take less space.


6-Vertical planters

Herbs can be grow in wall hung planters. They take no ground space and give new look to vertical spaces.


7-Traditional earthen planters

Grow herbs in traditional pots which can be placed in kitchen window, patio and porch. They looks very charming.

8-Herb Spiral planter

Some space may be taken from garden, by giving it multiple levels in spiral shape many herbs can be grew inside it and it is also looks very adorable.

9-Wooden Ladder planter

Boxes for plantation are made by wood, fixed on wooden beam in ladder shape are very useful and less space taking planter idea. It looks very amazing and also super easy to do.

10-Wooden box placed on earth

Wooden boxed can be made and placed on earth for growing herbs indoor. It is very cheap and very easy.

11-Glass jar planters

Herbs can be easily grew in recycled big glass jars and may be placed anywhere you want. They looks much beautiful.

12-Wooden planter on wheels

By adding wheels to a wooden planter it will be changed into a very attractive and movable wooden planter.

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