Easy DIY Camping Tent Platform

Tent camping has long been a favorite way to try the natural wonders of the great outdoors. However, sleeping on the ground will be prove harmful and uncomfortable while having long trips. If you are an outdoor adventure addict who spends weeks in camping, experience building a tent platform.

Tent platforms are perfect for elevating a tent when camping. This structure keeps tent off ground and saves you from bad effects of weathers, insects and other harmful things during stays  .The good thing about this platform is that it is completely portable ,can be fixed easily by simple tools.

Things to be needed

6’-6”x 8”    wooden planks (3/4”)             8 nos

2’-6”x 2” wooden planks (3/4”)                6 nos

2.5”x 2.5” wooden batten (12” long)        8 nos

5” long steel hinge                                       3 nos

1.5” long steel nails                                     200 grm


Lay 6’-6” long 4 wooden planks directly on smooth ground surface ,keep 2’-6”  long 3 planks perpendicular on long planks and drive nails by hammer on 3 places at equal distances .Lay other 4 wooden planks and revised this procedure.  Two separate forms are ready. Now join two separate forms with hinges. Keep wooden batten vertically on ground under platform and drive nails at four corners to make legs for both two platforms. You fold able and easy to carry solid wooden platform is ready for use. This platform can accommodate three person easily at night.


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