13 Amazing Candle Holder DIY Ideas

Obviously, every home has candles for both decorative and practical purposes. From house warmings to birthdays their attractive look make them one of the most fabulous gift for all occasions, passionate with candles and candle holders from old age. As having a lovely candle Shine while we do about our day, it just makes us easier! We are also a kind of people, when get bored of our smaller décor pieces and like to change them out often .Therefore, here, I am sharing some easy DIY candle holder ideas with my respectful readers.

1-Rope wrapped candle holder

In your decorative accessories, if you are still looking for a rustic look? Then checkout these low sitting rounded, wrapped in rope holders to make some nice and unique candle holders. This looks like something you had fin from yacht.

diy candle holder

2-Ice Cube try votive candle holder

Take ice cube cups and cut them from frame to make little holders of suitable size. Fill them with paraffin wax, place cotton thread of candle at specified point and allow to be freeze. This will be a different style indeed.

3-Copper pipe Candle Holder

Hoping to find a candle holder design that looks little modern than some of the things you have seen so far? Ok, if you are ready to work with bending and molding then try this copper design. The candle stick right on the end, you have an awesome curved tall standing candle holder.

4-Colored birthday candle blocks

Prefer this individual wooden holder, make small cubes from a piece of wood, make smooth edges and drill a hole to place candle in the trop. By painting the trop with desired color, get a pretty candle holder.

5-Paint dipped wooden holders

With Christmas coming, perhaps you have been looking for cute candle holder to place on the dinner table when your host your guests? I love these egg shaped smooth wooden holders that can make yourself or either find at local crafts store. Drill a hole in the top of candle inside and dip the top and bottom into a lovely pastel blue paint with chrome finish. Tape off the parts you don’t want to be painted.

6-Rustic Tree Slice candle holder

Does your home have an amazing rustic feel that is very natural? Then keep them up by making this wooden slice candle holder! You could use this piece of natural tree trunk in many ways.

7-Concrete Votive candle holder

Probably you are very into the idea making your own holder but you are not interested on using wood or clay because you want something a little more industrial chic. Then try using concrete, you will realize that how easy and useful it is for homemade things. This awesome tea light is a great job to do.

8-Tree Stump Candle holder

This is also a simple, unique and enough good looking candle holder. Get tree stumps of desired shape, length and size. Make holes at center with drill in every stump to place candles inside. Sure! These candle holder will increase beauty of your dining table.

9-Constellation Votive

There is another simple design for your consideration. Through the process of creating specific holes in a small round wooden board so that, when light from little candles shines, they look like stars.

10-Bottaled Botanical candle holder

Take some clear glass bottles, fill them with water and leaves of plants, and then place candle at the necks of bottles to have simple, unique and cheap candle holder.

11-Metallic finish mercury candle glasses

Have you ever seen mercerized glass? Then you’re missing out! The shining chromed effect is an amazing finish that makes even the simplest candleholders fancier and, contrary to popular belief, it’s an easier job to do.

12-Clay Candle holders

Probably you want make your very own candleholders from scratch but you’re no good with wood so you’re not likely to make the stained wooden block design? Then try creating these adorable, individual clay candle stands .I love their semi-twisted, spiral shape and i think they look completely adorable painted in different colors.

13-Brass Pipe Candle Holders

Get some brass pipes, tees, elbows and cocks of same diameter. One side of four pipe may be grooved, now you have to joint pipes tees and cocks as shown in picture. This will be a wonderful and unique candle holder.

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