Explore Outdoor with Bowlus Road Chief Wave Bespoke Edition

Get inspired by the sea, Bowlus has created an aluminum shelled, pull able trailer called Bespoke Bowlus that features nautical flavor to measure remote and rough corners of the Earth.

For real off grid living, the trailer is built with high ground clearance and the company assures that it can be relocated by the variety of vehicles of any travel trailer including EVS. The Bowlus Road chief wave Bespoke edition is wrapped in company’s iconic aluminum skin.


Inside, the Road Chief has equally impressive materials with real wood, steel, aluminum and luxury fabrics. It is equipped with a 12-volt fridge, a microwave that can run on battery power, a two-burner Italian stovetop, a stainless steel countertop and a stainless steel sink. Furthermore it features, a vanity with a medicine cabinet, two wardrobe closets and a full length mirror. It also has air conditioning and a hotel-style bathroom with an indoor/outdoor Italian marine shower head.


The trailer keeps a marine themed interior inspired by yacht racing. Birch and walnut timber materials are used to make contrast with anodized aluminum. However, white and blue seating fabric is used to get an aesthetic look for nautical home. The blue continued in the twin bed rooms, featuring oyster and blue colored linen and combined headboards.



Bowlus’ typical birch flooring has been fixed for yacht quality walnut to match the walnut wooden tables, however, ornamental details such as meteorological instruments are mounted to the interior walls. The company has painted its aluminum wheels black to help create an impression of the trailer running above the road surface.


Sleeping arrangements offer traditional camper trailer flexibility. Two twin beds in the main sleeping quarters can be converted into a full king bed, which has custom mattresses and eco-friendly and organic linens. The sofa and armchairs can be converted into extra beds.

For those who can’t live without a connected lifestyle, the Endless Highways Road Chief has a mobile router with a 3G/4G modem. USB charging ports are built into the dining table.

Bowlus road chief trailer is equipped with a 4-kWh battery, 2,000-W inverter and 80-Ah fast-charger for extended stays in the wild. According to Bowlus, though an optional solar panel, this should be good for around a week of remote living.


According to the Bowlus Road Chief Wave, Bespoke Edition will be available for sale in the market at a cost of US$ 225,000 in limited quantity.


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