13 Old Chair Recycling DIY Ideas

If you have old chairs at home that you don’t want to dispose of, whether your chairs are damaged or they are too old, you can transform them into amazing DIY re-purposing projects. These creative ideas are very easy to do  and will change those old chairs into operative, beautiful furnishings .I have gathered a  collection of projects that will help you turn those old chairs into handsome new furnishings for both your outdoor and indoor spaces. Check out below 12 cool ways to re-purpose old wooden chairs.


Do’t want to use your old fashioned chair for sitting. OK! re-purpose that chair as a quick, gorgeous  nightstand which is best re-purposing idea.

Image via pinterest.com

2-Kitchen wall hanging organizer

Back frame of wooden chair is suitable to convert into hanging  organizer for kitchen tools.Just hang it on wall after fixing some hangers/nails  and have a cool organizer .

image via mariesdecor.blogspot.fr

3-Planter holder

This porch planter created by old wooden chair is looking great.The process to do is also very simple.

Image via pinterest.com

4-Hanging planter holder

This hanging planter is  looking nice and also a good source to re-purpose an old  broken chair,

Image via pinterest.com

5- Wooden bench

Do not want to use your old wooden chairs . Create a garden bench by utilizing two chairs, back frame of two chairs and legs of one chair will be required.

image via lumberjocks.com

6-Storage box

Why you do not create a nice-looking  storage box through broken wooden chair?It is very functional and easy to create also.

image via diycrafts.com

7-Dog feeder

Check out these cool dog feeders ,they are very functional and durable also.You have to make round holes into seat .Place wares inside to get dog feeder.

image via pinterest.com

8-Storage shelf

Try out this tiny, unique shelf which is supported by a wooden chair.It is looking cute indeed.

image via lushhome.com

9-Drinks holder

Create a drinks holder for your backyard parties/gatherings .It is easy to do and creates rustic, nice look.

image via pinterst.at

10-Chair backrest

This is a great idea to re-purpose backs of  old wooden chairs .Fix backs of chairs at a garden bench, it is best use of that stuff.

image via pinterest.com

11-Baby stroller

Check out this cool baby stroller which is very functional and economical also.You have to remove legs of chair and install wheels.

image via dishfunctionaldesigns.plogspot.com

12-Towel holder

Very useful towel holder created by chair’s back frame is looking nice .

image via etsy.com

13-Hanging bookshelf

Convert you useless iron chair into useful and good looking wall hanging  book shelf .You can create it very quickly .

image via thecottagemarket.com

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