Now Tentsile tents can Leap between Air and Ground

Having its head office at London, UK, Tentsile tents  is an award-winning product design brand. With a mission to conserve the world’s forests and draw attention to their fast destruction, Tentsile introduced the Tree Tent concept, a new and innovative camping equipment category, based on the theory of ecological respect and improving the human experience in the Great Outdoors.

Unlike traditional tents, which need to be placed on leveled dry ground, Tentsile Tree Tents incorporate a strong, sustainable three-point anchoring system to suspend tents from trees.

If you want to get comfort of hammock and protection of tent then consider tentsile tents. Tentsile’s tree tents and hammocks will give you the unforgettable and peaceful night’s sleep. They are built with a tension-ed base which provides a comfortable floor with less sag and anti-roll system to create separate sleeping bays and stops you from rolling into the middle of the tent. Each unit includes a waterproof rain-fly and no-see-um mesh for a dry and insect-free night.

To keep up with the trends, Tentsile adds a ground kit to its innovative third-generation tent lineup this year. It is a conversion kit which transforms suspended tree tents into stable ground tents, giving each tent more versatility in camping. It is a more pack-able solution capable  to  vanish the trees from the picture and making the Tensile a simpler ground tent.

Tentsile now increases air/ground capability to its whole lineup of one- through three-person tents.

The ground kits are supportive to individual models but include the necessary components to make each Tentsile a freestanding tent. Each kit includes tiny supporting poles to erect, a ground sheet to protect the bottom of the Tentsile, reflective guy lines and screw-in stakes. Put those pieces all together to have a ground tent.

The new ground kits launched this year also includes a new rough “Safari” trim Vista tent and underfloor gear nets on all models. The price range for ground kits is $60 to $150 accordingly, while the tents  start at  $299 for the solo UNA to $999 for the new three-person Safari Vista. The owner of new conversion kits can double their joy as these are supportive to previous models.


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