14 Top Trending TV Wall Decor Ideas

Living room is incomplete without a television screen, viewers desire perfect viewing angle, comfortable seating, enough light and well managed room .TV wall design can be a difficult task to attain sometimes because there are many options from simple to more difficult situations, there is a big variety for creating a good TV wall decor. Below, I have gathered some TV wall design ideas for my respectful reader.


1-TV Wall Wooden Cladding

If your decorating taste is simple and classical try out this cool idea in which wooden cladding has been provided on wall.Add some decorative stuff on stand also.


2-Exposed Brick Work TV Wall Decor

Traditional brick masonry looks very beautiful when it is exposed.A section of exposed brickwork has been painted to contrast behind the TV in this room.

Image source www.home-designing.com

3-Book shelf

Television screen looks elegant when it is installed along with book shelf.

Image source https://decoholic.org

4-TV Wall Plywood Cladding

Plywood cladding behind television screen looks very nice.Some shelves  have been provided  for decorative  stuff also .

Image source Piterest.com

5-Ceiling Mounted Meadows TV Wall 

Check out this idea in which ceiling mounted meadows have been provided for your entertainment screen.

Image source Piterest.com

6-Wall Mounted meadows

Check out this idea in which wall mounted meadows are increasing beauty of your big screen .

Image source decoholic.org

7-Ceramic Tile TV Wall Decor

TV wall looks very nice when ceramic tiles are fixed on  back  wall.

Image source 

8-DIY Wallpaper TV Wall Decor

Wall papers in different colors, designs and patterns are available in market.Invest in wall papers according to your taste and pocket.

9-Amazing TV Wall Decor

Avail some hexagonal decoration piece holders to hang on back wall .Place decoration pieces inside ,they look very cozy.

Image source 

10-Simple & Classical TV Wall Decor

Check out this simple and classical  idea of your entertainment wall.There is a simple wooden TV stand plus book shelf.

Image source Piterest.com

11-Candle shelf TV Wall Decor

Provide a shelf above your entertainment screen for candles. They look very amazing.

Image source 

12-Surrounded by photo gallery

Big screen placed on TV stand and surrounded by photo gallery looks elegant.

13-Unique TV wall Decor

If you are very keen of books check out this different idea in which one book shelf  has been  sacrificed for the TV screen.

Image source http://www.home-designing.com

14-Porcelain tile fixed on wall

You entertainment wall looks cozy  with  porcelain tile fixed on it  .

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