Amazing Homemade Cell Phone Holder DIYs

Cell phone  has become basic need now a days and almost everybody have a cell phone with him. It feels uncomfortable sometimes when there is no mobile phone stand with you. The phone stand is an important item because you can still use the phone without holding it. Instead of buying it, you can start a DIY phone stand project .Interestingly, the materials to create a phone stand are easy to find and some of them are  almost free of cost.

Just check out the detail and start the simplest phone stand project you can make by yourself.

1-Acrylic made Cell Phone Stand

It is very easy to create a phone stand using acrylic pieces. Just find an acrylic piece and follow the plan shown below. It increase beauty of your table.

Image source

2-Handmade Pallet Cell Phone Stand

It is a simple and almost free of cost phone holder .The plan to follow is also very easy.

Image source  Pinterest

3-Empty Tissue Role Cell Phone Holder 

You can use empty tissue paper role to create a good looking cell phone holder. Just make a hole to put inside your mobile, wrap it with packing paper, add some decorative ornaments and feet to support.

Image source

 4-Wooden Cell Phone Holder 

You will be required some wooden block to create this phone holder. Cut pieces according to following plan and joint them wooden glue. Your wooden phone holder is ready.

Image source  Pinterest

5-Homemade Woolen Cell Phone Holder 

Provide a card and wove wool around it as per plan shown below. It is very cozy.

Image source  Pinterest

6-Paper Clip Cell Phone Holder

It is super easy to make a mobile phone holder using paper clips just in seconds. Follow this image.

Image source  Pinterest

7-Wooden Stump Cell Phone Holder

You can avail a wooden stump from local wooden store, carve a hole as per size of your cell phone. It looks very beautiful on table.

Image source  Pinterest

8-Wooden Board Cell Phone Holder

Provide and cut wooden board as per given plan .It is very simple and looks nice.

Image source

9-Groove in wood

It is very simple to do, get a wooden piece with a groove inside this is suitable to use as mobile phone holder.

10-Plastic bottle

Provide plastic bottle, cut it at suitable places at upper and lower side and make a hole as per size of your mobile .Apply some paints internal and external sides to have a nice looking plastic bottle.

Image source

11-Pouch made by cloth

It is also very easy to make a pouch using re purposed cloths .It is almost free, comfortable and adorable.

Image source Pinterest

12-Ice cream Sticks Cell Phone Holder

Re purposed ice cream sticks are ideal to create a mobile phone holder.Check this simple plan

to follow.Join ice cream sticks using glue and some decorative ornaments to get a good looking and cheap cell phone holder.

Image source Pinterest

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