15 Fancy Bedroom Decor Curtain Ideas

Off course! Your bedroom is incomplete without curtains because they dress up your space to create a private haven and also add personal style. Bedroom curtains are available in different colors, stuff, and styles.  I have gathered the most common styles/ideas of bedroom curtains to help you decide which one will be suitable for your space.

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1-Perfect Purple theme

If purple is your favorite color, this theme is perfect for your bedroom’. Matching color cushions, flowers and chair cover are also looking great.

image via homelesswiki.org

2-Color contrast

Color combination of green and white is very charming.

image via homelava.com

3-Pink themed

If you are going to redo your girl’s bedroom? These pink curtains are most recommended for that, bed sheet and pillow have same color.

image via dunelm.com

4-Floral gourmet curtains

Try these floral curtains if your taste is floral.Print pattern is looking nice.

image via pier1.com

5-Luxurious style curtains

If you want a  luxurious feel, cover your windows with pure silk. Look at this combination of silver grey and golden brown curtains inter linked with each other. Double shaded curtains always look elegant than a single shade.

image via decoratedlife.com

6-Curtains matching with table cover

Style of curtain and table cover is simple and traditional  but the look is elegant.

image via knockoffdecore.com

7-Small window big view

Curtain style for this small window is very simple but  fabulous.Curtain holder is also looking charming.

image via southernhospitalityblog.com

8-Full height blaze

If you have leisurely style consider full height curtains. This curtain style is suitable for long windows.

image via pinterest.com

image via rethinkhomeinteriors.com

9-Velvet curtains

Velvet is dense and thick fiber so it keeps room warm during winter .They are  available  in almost every color.

image via homedit.com

10- Add bamboo blinds with curtain

White curtain look nice with white wall and white windows. As white curtains could not stop  sunlight to enter in room , install bamboo blinds on the windows. This will be your another line of defence against sunlight.

image via decoratedlife.come

11- Curtains with embroidery

If  embroidery is your weakness, check out these pretty and colorful  embroidered  curtains for  a classy and rustic look.

12-Tab top curtains

Curtains  with fabric loops (tabs) at the top edge are called tab top curtains.  They are perfect to use as a decorative curtain or panel over a window with blinds to add color or texture as side curtains.

For more casual style try pencil and pinch pleat curtains.

image via goodhomesmagazine.com

image via pinterst.com

13-Burlap curtains

If you are looking for something unconventional and unique, try burlap curtains.There look is very photogenic.

image via decoratedlife.com

14-Patchwork curtains

It is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabrics of different types to create a new pattern or design.Color combination and style is awesome in this image.

image via curtain-fabric.com

15-Macramé Curtains

If you are inspired of hand-woven fabrics, try out this geometric macrame curtain. It creates a great look but could not protect from sunlight.

image Via countryliving.com

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